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Thursday, March 24, 2011

where did the 1890 Census go?

Well now I know why I can't find my great grandma's framily in the 1890 census

1890 Census

NOTE: The 1890 census was mostly destroyed in a 1921 warehouse fire. Small fragments of the 1890 census survived and comprises less than 1% of the original schedules. Keep in mind that even the remaining census fragments do not contain complete counties, townships or districts. The loss of these census records has put a real kink in genealogy research during this time period, particularly when people seem to have begun moving around a lot more. It is much harder to pick up the trail of our ancestors when there is a 20 year gap between records. This would have been the first enumeration for Oklahoma so people with ancestry in OK will experience particular difficulty with this loss

Which 1890 Census Fragments Survived the Fire?
Alabama: Perry County - Perryville Beat #11 and Severe Beat #8.
District of Columbia: Q. Thirteenth, Fourteenth, R.Q. Corcoran, Fifteenth, S.R. and Riggs Streets, Johnson Avenue, and S. Street.
Georgia: Muscogee County - Columbus.
Illinois: McDonough County - Mound Township.
Minnesota: Wright County - Rockford.
New Jersey: Hudson County - Jersey City.
New York: Westchester County - Eastchester. Suffolk County - Brookhaven Twp.
North Carolina: Gaston County: South Point Township and River Bend Township. Cleveland County - Township #2.
Ohio: Hamilton County - Cincinnati. Clinton County - Wayne Township.
South Dakota: Union County - Jefferson Township.
Texas: Ellis County - J.P. #6, Mountain Peak and Ovila Precinct. Hood County - Precinct #5. Rusk County - Precinct #6 and J.P. #7. Trinity County - Trinity Town, and Precinct #2. Kaufman County - Kaufman.

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