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  • SARGENT, Andree, Justus, Heacock, Adkins, Skeen, Waggoner,Darby, Lea, Gold
  • JUSTUS, Marsh, Casper, Mizer
  • HEACOCK, Luttrell, Corn, Phillips, Thomas , Roberts, Till, Cox, Turner, Keene
  • ADKINS,Williams, Mahan, Lynch
  • SKEEN, Percyfield, Boyd, Thomas, Roberson

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Thursday, January 22, 2015


wk 1 - 2nd thur 8th of January 2015

LINKS I have gotten my ideas from for this post.

Deal With Our Past thank you  lynda

Geneabloggers thank you Thomas MacEntee

Bag the Web  A Web curation tool being used by GENEALOGY DO OVER

remaining January B'days and others

IRST OFF, Thanks to all the tec people at Wiki Tree...I asked , I got....we now have a new button at our profile page under "MyWikiTree" where it will list the b'days, deaths, and marriages for our ancestors...Neat huh...Come join us
23 Jan 1914 James Justus  married Mayme Justus 

23 Jan 1933 Francis Marsh died [share tree]

23 Jan 1918 Hampus Öberg died [share tree]

23 Jan 1927 Rebecca Sargent died [share tree]

23 Jan 1900 Jonas Nyman was born [share tree]

24 Jan 1960 Sally Sargent was born [share tree]

25 Jan 1859 Price Simons  married Susan Simons

25 Jan 1900 William Sargent was born [share tree]

25 Jan 1926 Shirley Fipps was born [share tree]

25 Jan 1900 William Sargent died [share tree]

26 Jan 1874 Rachael Casper died [share tree]

27 Jan 1898 Chester Harper was born [share tree]

28 Jan 1927 Mary Sargent died [share tree]

28 Jan 1821 Rachael Casper was born [share tree]

Friday, January 09, 2015

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

January 8 - 12 Birthdays

08 Jan 1838: George Stovall [share tree] Great Grand Uncle of my children
10 Jan 1856: Rebecca Sargent [share tree] first cousins five times removed
12 Jan 1889: Mayme Justus [share tree] my great grand mother
12 Jan 1870: Foster Medlin [share tree] great grand father to my children

Sunday, January 04, 2015

January 2-7 Birthdays~

02 Jan 1884: Johanna Kirkman [share tree] great grand aunt
02 Jan 1795: Michael Waggoner [share treefifth great grand uncle
03 Jan 1881: Emma Sargent [share tree] great grand aunt
04 Jan 1857: Jasper Sargent [share tree] 2x Grandfather
06 Jan 1898: Hazel Armstrong [share tree] 4 degrees of Separation ~is mother of uncle joe, husband of my father's sister Jodi
07 Jan 1799: Sarah Craig [share tree] fifth great grandaunt 8 Degrees of Separation 

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