• SARGENT, Andree, Justus, Heacock, Adkins, Skeen, Waggoner,Darby, Lea, Gold
  • JUSTUS, Marsh, Casper, Mizer
  • HEACOCK, Luttrell, Corn, Phillips, Thomas , Roberts, Till, Cox, Turner, Keene
  • ADKINS,Williams, Mahan, Lynch
  • SKEEN, Percyfield, Boyd, Thomas, Roberson

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1. William B SARGENT b.1715 New Kent, Virgina d. 11 February 1768 North Carolina

m. Sara Lea (1735 North Carolina) b. 1715 Virgina d. 1783 North Carolina

William and Sara's 8 children:

a. Thomas Sargent 1734-?

b. Elizabeth Sargent 1736-?

c. Stephen Bryant Sargent 1740-1815

d. Joseph Sargent 1740-1781

e. William B. Sargent 1740-1816

*note, c,d, & e seem to have same birth yr. could there be triplets in the family? Will have to look into this at another time

f. Mary Sargent 1750-1768 (lived abt. 18 yrs)

g. James Sargent 1751-1833

2H> Thomas SARGENT 1760 Orange county, NC-1820 Lawrence county, Indiana

m. Ann Darby (1782 N.C.) b. 1741 d. (unknown)

Thomas and Ann's 6 children:

a. Thomas Sargent 1719-1863

b. Aaron Sargent 1783-?

3C>Joseph SARGENT b.1785 North Carolina d. 08 Oct. 1865

d. Abner Sargent 1786-?

e. Drada Sargent 1789-1840

f. Stephan Sargent 1790-?

3.C Joseph Sargent

m. Elizabeth Waggoner (16 Nov 1804) b. 1791 d. 1832

Joseph and Elizabeth had 8 children:

a. Elanor Sargent

b. Joseph Sargent 1811-1849

4.C>Elisha SARGENT b.15 March 1813 Lawrence co. Indiana d. 21 Dec. 1866 McCameron, Martin co. Indiana

d. Absalom Sargent 1817-1863

e. Sara Sargent 1819-?

f. Cyrena Sargent 1825-?

g. Frances Sargent 1830-?

4C Elisha Sargent

m. Salvina Waggoner (03 Oct. 1830 Lawrence, Indiana) b. 18 Feb. 1813 d. 22 Jan. 1846 Indiana,

2nd m. Sara Boyd Skeen 1822-1901 Martin co, Indiana

Elisha and Salvina had 8 children:

5A>Jacob SARGENT b. 06 Dec. 1831 Lawrence co. Indiana d. 20 Dec. 1895 Daviss co. Indiana

b. H. Joseph Sargent 1833-1849

c. James Sargent 1835-1897

d. Jane Sargent 1837-1922

e. John Sargent 1839-1840

f. Elizabeth Sargent 1841-?

g. Catherine Sargent 1843-?

h. Daniel Sargent 1845-?

Elisha and 2nd wife Sara had 9 Children:

a. Thomas 1848-1912

b. Margaret 1850-?

c. Emiline 1852-1865

d. Henry 1855-1855 (died within first year)

e. Aaron 1855-1900

*note-possible muti-births of twins, looking into later

f. henry absolon 1857-1857

g. Chisholom 1857-?

*NOTE again another possible twins

h. sophrona 1858-1864

i. Mary 1861-1941

5A> Jacob Sargent

m. Nancy Jane Skeen (17 Sept. 1831 Daviss co. Indiana) b. 23 Nov. 1830 Kentucky d.1905 Martin co. Indiana

Jacob and Nancy had 3 children:

a. Jane Sargent 1853-1938

6B> Jasper Nelson SARGENT b. 04 Jan.1857 Indiana d. 12 July 1898 Indiana

c. Henry Sargent 1859-?

6B> Jasper Nelson Sargent

m. Mary Elizabeth Adkins (25 Oct 1875 Indiana) b. 07 May 1859 d. 28 Jan. 1927

Jasper and Mary had 7 children:

a. Etha Malinda Sargent 1878-1898

b. Emma Jane Sargent 1881-1894

c. Asa Nelson Sargent 1882-1908

d. Johanna Sargent 1884-1913

7E> James Hillory SARGENT b. 26 June 1886 Indiana d. 12 July 1963 Indiana

f. Thomas McDonald Sargent 1888-1957

g. Hobart McKinley Sargent 1896-1973

7E> James Hillory Sargent

m. Vercie Heacock (13 May 1905 Pike co. Indiana) b. 17 Oct. 1888 Pike co. Indiana d. 21 March 1972 Indiana

James and Vercie had 5 children:

a. Emil Joan Sargent

8B> Arthur Hillary SARGENT b. 21 March 1908 Indiana d. March 1974 Arizonia

c. Cletus Ray Sargent 1910-2001

d. Vercie May Sargent 1914-2008

e. Edith Jennett Sargent 1918-1997

8B> Arthur Hillary Sargent

m. Winifred G. Justus (05 Dec. 1933 Clark co. Illinois) b. 24 Feb. 1915 Green co. Indiana d. 07 March 1995 Arizonia

Arthur and Winifred (winnie) had 2 -possible 3 children:

9A> James Ray SARGENT b. 12 Nov. 1934 Greene co. Linton Indiana d. 15 Dec 2005 San Diego co. Calif.

b. Joycelyn A Sargent 1936-2000

*NOTE aunt jodie may or may not have been a twin, which died at birth.

9A> James Ray Sargent

m. Patricia Kay Andree (06 Dec. 1952 Ventura? California) b. 31 Oct. 1933 Chicago, Ill.

d. Jan. 1975

James and Patricia had 2 children:

10A> ME

b. my sister

Dad also married afew more times

9A> James R. Sargent

m. Nancy (person still alive as far as we know-goes unnamed) married 19??) b. ? d. ?

James and Nancy had 2 children:

c. James

d. Arthur V.

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