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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ideas from the GEM Lady!

some ideas from Genealogy Gems  own Lisa Louise Cooke

GEM: Rethinking the Journal

10 journal topics for you to write about.

This would be a journal that you keep in your desk where you do your research, and can just pull out now and then and jot down your answers to these questions:

1. Why does doing genealogy matter to you? It is history about my family I never knew...and would like to know much more about.

2. Why do you think it will be important for generations to come? I believe everyone has a past, good or bad, learning how we came to be where, what, how and why from those before us is fasinating

3. What are your dreams? To have the "Paper" trail, documents of my blood line to prove the family line.

4. What is your hope for your future generations? that they won't wait so long to get involved with their own history.

5. What do you want your descendants to really know about you?  That family really does matter.

6. What’s your average day like? most days, due to 3rd shift job, sleep mostly, but get in some genealogy work in the mornings, and really heavy on the days off.

7. What are the changes you’ve seen over the years? Alot, mostly the computer age...cell phones, I can remember the time of the mail...not email, coin phone booths, and making meals in the oven/stove with NO MICRO Wave!

8. What do you wish you had known at age 20?  HA HA HA...that was over half my life ago...have to answer EVERYTHING!!!

9. What are Your predications for the future?  The Rapture is just around the corner

10.“I remember when” entries phone booths, manual typewriters, home made bread (pies, cakes, cookies), fresh air, playing out side, etc.

These were all just off my head, what came to mind...thanks Lisa for the ideas...ds

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