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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Finding family members

In my case, this is a female family member. I had spoken to my brother in Calif the other day and asked about the kids of our father's sister Jodie. He hadn't seen them since when his oldest was just walking, which is now been several years.

So once I got off the phone , went online to , found the high school they went to and started looking through the 10yr set of time which I knew one of the kids had to have gone there. One hit came up with Cheryl and a different name, so taking this new info, I head over to MY, looking for the new last name. This gave me only one in the search , luckily it was the one , which I determined it was by looking through the photos posted. (update 03/2015) not active on classmates and MySpace any more...most have moved over to Facebook.  Click my WikiTree button on the left and check the profiles I listed

Next step was to send a message by way of MySpace in hopes the girl will respond. Would love to share the family tree with her , the others as well.

This search also gave me the answer to why I could not find Uncle Joe in Ariz anymore. Next one will be Paula , who's married name is also known and with the mailing address, should hopefully be hearing from soon. Now Kay is the one I will need help with, don't know anything as far as married name, but do know she and I share the same birth day, tho born years apart.

Talked with Cheryl last week and had a nice conversation with her. Caught up on what has been happening and with the other family members. She and I are now on each others friends list on one of the Social Networks. She now has the honor spot of FAMILY in my yahoo address book. Cheryl is now part of my list on ancestry (update 03/2015 No longer using Gmailing everything)

This is getting to be so much fun, wish I had started this project years ago. Not only do you learn about those from your past but can reconnect with those you grew up with as well as those who grew up with the 2 or 3 generation of your tree.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Who married into the JUSTUS (justice) family

JUSTUS james turner-MARSH mayme mandy married on 23 January 1914 in Greene county, Indiana

JUSTUS david m-CASPER margaret j married 22 December 1867 in Owens county, Indiana

JUSTUS reuben r-MIZER, mary margaret married 11 March 1845 in Tuscarawas, Ohio

JUSTUS (justice) william-?

JUSTUS (justice) john-EDWARDS, elizabeth married 27 Nov 1750 Charles City, Charles, Virginia

JUSTUS (justice) justinian-BROWN, prissilla married 28 May 1718

JUSTUS (justice) justinian-CANNON, mary (unknown)

JUSTUS (justice) william-FRAME, nancy (unknown)

the JUSTUS men

JUSTUS, james turner-born 8 Nov 1884 in Greene county, Indiana

JUSTUS, david m-born abt.1846 in Tuscarawas county, Ohio

JUSTUS, reuben r-born 8 Nov 1801 in McDowell, North Carolina

The following may or may not be part of the family line due to name change , will investigate at another time....

JUSTUS. (JUSTICE) william-born 27 Feb 1765 in Brunswick, Virginia

JUSTUS, (JUSTICE) john - born 18 Mar 1720 in Charles City, Charles, Virginia

JUSTUS, (JUSTICE) Justinian -born 25 Dec 1694 in Charles City, Charles, Virginia

JUSTUS, (JUSTICE) Justinian- born 1660 in Charles City, Charles, Virginia

JUSTUS, (JUSTICE) William -born 1625 England

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

the SARGENT men

James ray SARGENT

arthur hillory SARGENT

James hillory SARGENT

jasper SARGENT


elisha SARGENT

joseph (sr) SARGENT

thomas SARGENT

william SARGENT

Check the Wiki free page for SARGENT PEDIGREE

My grandpa Art-Arthur Hillory SARGENT

Mar 21 1908- Mar 1974
Come and join me at my new home for Genealogy and family tree

my daddy-James Ray SARGENT

Nov 12, 1934(3)-Dec 15, 2005

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