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Monday, May 16, 2011

Genealogy Blog Finder

Genealogy Blog Finder

Starting at the top with the search box for blogs...most of my ancestors come from Indiana (try any of the states) and find that my blog is on this list down at the 6th spot ~now with the same state, check the box
Blog Posts and come up with something different

Now do it with any of your surnames from your family tree. I am using the main name of SARGENT for finding the blogs ~which will come up with mine being listed 1rst. The "posts" wil come up different

Great Resources as well
There are over 1,800 genealogy and family-history blogs at the GeneaBloggers site.

As well as the ONE NAMED site every genealogist knows and uses~ Cyndi

A Directory of Online Genealogy Blogs, Journals, Newsletters, and Random Writings

Now as I have always and still say "ONE'S OWN OPINION" on which are the best of the BEST
and tips. Here are some FB top noted persons of genealogy today. Also the Pages of one or many.
Then there are the HOW TO....

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mama's Birth Record

Thank you Cully for telling me how to get this on here!  Well there you have it, mom was born in 1932, her parents were 30 and 23.  Grandpa was working with the Com. Edison Comp. Grandma was a housewife.

Already knew mom was born in a Swedish Hospital, so I am sure due to the parents still not being citizens of the USA at this time they still kept close contact with the Swedish community.

This document doesn't says if mom was born AM or PM...only that it was about 6:15 ....late after noon or earily morning.

How Are We Related?

....this is mostly for my facebook friends.
There are so many of you, I have lost track of just how we are related.  Do have you on a special listing of my friends ...most of mine were found on ancestry dot com

SARGENT family line
(close ties)
~jamie, william, and john  (my three LUVs close to my heart, with 5 grands
~Butch, Kay, Paula, and Cheryl  (Candance belongs to Paula, Donti belongs to Cheryl)
~Carol who is my mom's sis' only daughter
~Hank was once married to a sargent-my aunt as well as other Iron members
~uncle joe is my aunt's second marriage

Then there are the 2nd and 3rd cousins of the Sargent line
~the Richardsons relatives

Other Sargent connections~from FACEBOOK

Belinda Clark-Ache
Brenda Simpson  
Clara Williams
David Charles Snell
Deborah Jean Baker Park
Elmer Smith
Gary M. Maynard
Gaye Dillon
Jana Goehring
Jeff Sargent
John Crandon
Kay Price Burlison
Lisa Hoskins-Crawford
Mary Hyman
Molly Wucinski
Nancy Mullins Schacht
Nona Springer
Rod Warren
Ronald D Summers
Sally Ungeheier
Sharon Benefiel Palmer
Sherri Thomas
Teresa Garrison
Vickie Baker Sargent
William Hurtzig
JUSTUS family connections of FB friends
Reta Wingate
Richard Willis

HEACOCK family connections of FB friends
Cathy Lowe
Claudia Lingeman
Elizabeth Prince
Ron Johnson
Sarah Holmes

the LIST continues to grow

Names - Meaning of Names

and one for the SURNAMES

Names - Meaning of Names

Behind the Name: the Meaning, Etymology and History of First Names

Having fun with first names

Behind the Name: the Meaning, Etymology and History of First Names

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