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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Well Thomas has gone and done it again. Coming up with yet another great site for all us who are doing genealogy. This site is great for those just beginning and who want to expand their reaches into the family tree~

I give it a whole 5***** stars out of 5!

in reference to: Genealogy Presentations High-Definition Genealogy (view on Google Sidewiki)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SARGENT direct line HERITAGE where they came from

Heritage of the Sargent line so far ....and the family line that married into this family.

SARGENT~Direct research goes back 10 generations to Sargent/Lea marriage States are:Linton,Greene county Indiana- Caswell and Orange counties of North Carolina- New Kent, Virgina

ANDREE~Mother's family comes from sweden, her parent both were born and raised in SWEDEN
settled in Cook county, Chicago, Illinios

JUSTUS ~Dad's mom, going back in research about 6 generations living in Greene county Indiana- Tusacarawas county, Ohio- and North Carolina (possible McDowell)

HEACOCK ~Grandpa's mom, going back about from Vercie, 7 generations to Heacock/Till marriage , both coming from England. Living in Pike county, Indiana- Bucks and Chester counties of Pennsylvania

ADKINS~ starting with Elizabeth M. back about 6 generations to marriage of Adkins/Higham. Living in Martin county Indiana- Tennesee- Kentucky- Kershaw and Laurens counties of South Carolina- Maryland- Virgina

SKEEN~starting with Nancy Jane back about 5 generations to Robert Skeen who came from SCOTLAND He married Mary Robertson who was born in the USA Family comes from Kentucky- Blount county of Tennesee- Rockingham county of Virgina- Pennsylvania

WAGGONER~ only 2 generations Salvina was born in Pulaski, Kentucky, her dad from Russell, Virgina

WAGGONER~only 2 generations Eliz was born in Russell Virgina, her dad was from Augusta, Virgina.

*the WAGGONERS are my BRICK WALL, can't figure if or how these two ladies are related! have found doing this post that the girls fathers were born same year in different counties of Virgina, died different years in Laurence county of Indiana only different times.

DARBY~haven't done any on this lady. Only info is the birth year of 1741

LEA~goes back 3 generations to Lea/Green marriage Sara (sarah) is from the same line of SARGENT/MAJOR of Virgina. Sara was born in King Queen county of Virgina with both her father and grandfather being from New Kent, Virgina.

TOOLS 4 Genealogy

great site for help with Ethnic/ immigrants heritrage. Breaking through the brick walls. Downloads for charts, forms and templates aids. Bookstore, Soundex Code Generator, Resource Guide, along with other things are what makes this site one you would want to bookmark

in reference to: Toolkit--Family Tree Magazine (view on Google Sidewiki)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

the 50 States

...and EveryThing U Want to know . Huge listing of anything and every thing about the states.

Capitals, Map, Birds, Flags, News , Songs, etc

Common wealths and Territories

Links to Sites 4 Teachers, Area Codes, Biography Directory, Schools/Colleges/University Directory

Current Events and News Headlines

Facts and Trivia, City Guides

and much more...

in reference to: - States and Capitals (view on Google Sidewiki)

MOTTOS & NICKNAMES of all 50 States

Fun, interesting, informative

in reference to: State Mottoes of the 50 States (view on Google Sidewiki)

State / Local Government websites

click a state, topic, local government...if chosing the cities of the counties, not all counties will list 'ALL the cities.

There is alot to chose from,

in reference to: IN Local Government: State and Local Government on the Net (view on Google Sidewiki)

National Association of Counties

Pick the state, go to the county, lots of info, resourses and links

in reference to: NACo | Find a County (view on Google Sidewiki)

Counties witnin the USA states

click a state ( I took Indiana), then the county (which was Pike county).

Gives quick Links at the left side of page.
Info on the county, with snapshot of the income status of said county.

This INDIANA page for Pke County has a box for Listed places such as Communites and Libraries (3 of them)

Census / Demographics

Map showing where the county is located within the state. And the county web site.

Ancestry and Family History directing you to the county page on GenWeb.

has Local / Community Guides

Record Searches / Databases
and more....

in reference to: Pike County, Indiana County Information - ePodunk (view on Google Sidewiki)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Once you have read this blog post, you really shouldn't have any reason NOT to dig into your family roots.

#1~ Join a Genealogical Society
(Still have to do this one myself)

#2Check out the local public / university Libraries.
(The local Library is where I got started. Go to the Genealogy section , just look around , up and down the rows of books. Check out the computer stations~which most will have a FREE hook up to ANCESTRY.COM )

#3 Check out the LDS Family History Libraries.
(find on close by from the FAMILY.ORG site.

#4 CYNDISLIST is one of the best sites out there for resourses and links of all kinds. I do believe that almost EVER person out there doing genealogy has used this site as a starting point and still with her today!

Most of the online reasearch is free, so you can get pretty deep into your family roots and not spending a penny !

#1 the time factor~WHY? Start with one person and go from there. I started with my dad at the time of his death back in Dec. 2005. and have gone back about 12 generations just the SARGENT pedigree.

#2 Don't bite off more than you can chew~take small bite size portions. Everyone starts with the "spoon size" method. Just take is slow. As you grow and hunger more , the wanting will come around.

in reference to: No Time No Money for Genealogy? Luxegen Genealogy and Family History (view on Google Sidewiki)

Thursday, March 04, 2010

HOW TO Share your ANCESTRY tree with others

I got an email from a distant cousin (Susan of the HEACOCK line) the other day asking how I got others on my tree as guest, contributors and maybe there are others out there who want to know as well.

Most of my list is of those connected to my tree which I have found or they found me through the member connections. Most will be Guest and few are the Contributors..all of which I have them NOT seeing the live people on my tree, but can access the info I do have on my ancestors.

1. sign on to ancestry dot com, go to the tree you want to add someone to as an invitee. On the right hand side just under the "search window to find person in this tree" there should be a link "invite family members". Click on this link , takes you to ....

2. If you already have invitees the page will be "manage your invites" ..... look for the button (should be on right hand side) with a +sign "invite people". Again, click this.....

3. You will need the person's name and email. EXAMPLE~ I place in ( ) the family name they connect with me just after their name. It helps me to know where they are in my own family branches. Such as the above named distant cousin Susan, I have the (HEACOCK) after her name . This is the branch that we connect with in our trees.

4 IMPORTANT~ make sure you check which role you are giving them, Guest and Contributor are the best , unless you allow them to edit...then they will be able to undo (even by accident) any work you have done. Also make sure , if for just privacy, the box for seeing live people on your tree is NOT checked.

*The editor role is allowed to see the living by do have caution on this.

5. Feel free to add a short note in the notation box. When I invite someone I let them know where I found them..on the member connect or even face book (which is where afew , hopefully all will end up at ).

Once you have done all this , chick on the send button and sit back and should get an email once that person has excepted your invite.

Hope this helps in the way of sharing our family branches with others out there.

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