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Wednesday, March 02, 2011


UPDATE* scanned with my new (VuPoint)solutions Magic Wand-portable scanner

Got Daddy's discharge paper today!  Some surprises, and new info. along with some questions answered.  Like his birth date shows to be 12 Nov. 1933.  Again , the old story of the birth certificate being altered to get him in under aged.

Don't really understand much of all what is here on the paper...will hopefully get it scanned in the next few days

He enlisted 28 May 1952 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  His discharge date was 01 Sept. 1954.  So he was in the Navy less than 2 1/2 years.   Just from all of this, I now know my sister was born after dad got out of the service. He got out about 7months after I was born.

He went into the military starting at the rank of "SR"...not sure what that is. There is "EN3" in the box 31 Service Training Courses Successfully Completed.  Box 3 has "ENFN" on 2/16/53.

There is a X in the box for No under Registered for Selective Service...being he enlisted, this is a true fact!

Not sure what the "specialty #" , D.O.T #, and the letters/# for reason and authority for discharge" is all about...anyone who can enlighten me , please do!!!  I do know the related civilian occupation  was that of "Engineer".

The #26 box "FOREIGN and/or SEA SERVICE" has 9 months and 22 days...would this mean he was out to sea that long ?  He was stationed mostly at USNAS, San Diego, California. 

This paper also show the answer to one of my far did dad go in school.  He completed the "USAFI GED Test" 1/22/53 High School Level.  So he got this just after he and mom were married, which was Dec. 1952.  Farther down in the boxes for non service education shows he completed only one year of high school.  But with the mix up of the birth year on dad, did he drop out of 10 grade or not.   *Maybe a connection to the school system out in Linton might shed some light on this as well.

Main civilian occupation is "Student" ....which is another true fact. Another true fact is he was Married!

In Box #27 "Decorations, Medals, Badges, Commendations, etc" is listed two item:
I know there is a way to get these for my own personal collection, BUT how and where.  Any suggestions?

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