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Sunday, September 27, 2009


Resources for obtain birh , marriage, death and most any other info or document you are wanting. PLEASE com back , still working on this post.




Social Security 1935 Social Security Act was signed by FDR on August 14,1935

Taxes were collected the first time starting January 1937, about two years later.

So you would have to figure that only adults working were the ones with SS#. But when a child is born today, they also recieve a Social Security Number. Check the FAQ's

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Places to send for Marriage Applications / Licenses

REF:past post which has LUTTRELL listed as mother of bride. Just got off the phone with Pike County Clerk and they told me something I didn't think about ...their applications may or may not have all info of parents on there if app. is older than 1900's

So I will be listing here the address & phone numbers where you get marriages application I have dealt with in my search.

801 Main Street
P.O.Box 125
Petersburg, IN 47567
(812) 354-6025

NOTE* when I send money, always rule of tumb, send a Money Order and a copy of what you got online as for what info you are requesting. Such as , I sent for my great grandparents (sargent/heacock) marriage with a copy of the record in ancestry...this usually shows the Book and Pg # where to reference it.

Check this site out which looking around you can find most of what you are looking for in any state. some you might have to pay a fee.

More to add as I go, come back , check in every so often. Happy GenHunting!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

marriage SARGENT / HEACOCK page 3 of 3

page 3 of 3
Sargent / Heacock
marriage application
May 1905
This being the bottom of the application with all the signures
this also shows the typed name of Joseph O'Brien who was clerk of
Pike circuit court.
The application was dated May 12, 1905
James and Vercie were wed
May 13, 1905
and the application was filed
May 15, 1905
last person signing at the bottom is the minister
John Ashes

marriage SARGENT / HEACOCK page 2 of 3

page 2 of 3
marrage application
The top portion of this is the ending of the 'male'
with James signing to the fact of knowing
that the above statements are true.
Then beginning with Vercie's part of the application,
I have noted that there is no middle name for
vercie anywhere and am still looking to come
across one.
Vercie was born in Pike county Indiana
on October 22, 1887
*This is where I have come across different birth year, could be 1888 which is what has been on the census .
she list as her occupation , a house keeper
Vercie's father is listed as Perry Heacock,
born in Pike county Indiana
who was a farmer living in
Pike county Indiana
Vercie's mother is listed as Emma B Luttrell
the handwriting is hard to read, mother's name is actually
Emily Bell Luttrell
who was also born in pike county, indiana
Vercie's father was witness to the signing of this application
on May 12th 1905
NOTE seems women in the day not only didn't have rights but fathers had to sign to the fact that all statements on this marriage application for bride .
witness to both
james and perry's signature
was a M J Sherrod
and Joseph O'Burn was Clerk of Pike Circuit Court
on to page 3

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the HEACOCK ladies

Vercie HEACOCK 1888-1972 married into sargent family may 13, 1905 in winslow,pike county, indiana

Emily Bell LUTTRELL 1866-1948 (Perry-Aug. 4, 1884) Pike county, Indiana

Mary Polly CORN 1827-1857 (Edwin-Nov. 3, 1843) Pike county, Indiana

Eunice PHILLIPS 1797-1868 (Samuel)

Mirium THOMAS 1753-1847 (William-1773) Pennylvania

Ann ROBERTS 1718-1807 (William-1746) Pennyslvania

Ann TILL 1681-1764 (Jonathan-Sept. 2 1693) in ENGLAND

Jane COX 1657-1695 (John-May 3, 1671) in ENGLAND

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

SARGENT / HEACOCK 50th Wedding Anniversary

This picture was sent to me by my 2nd cousin Kara , who's mom is my grandfather's sister. Thanks Kara, for finding me on ANCESTRY (dot) com and being a FaceBook Friend! PLEASE click photo to enlarge it. TRANSCRIPTION

This is my great grandparents James H. SARGENT and Vercie HEACOCK Sargent. Once you get the enlargement of this photo , the date on it is May 3rd of 1955. They were married May 13th 1905. Toward the end of the article, mention of having ONE great grand child , of course is nameless, but I know it is me! I was born in February of 1954 and the 50th anniversary was May of 1955. Most of the grandkids were still kids themselves,and my cousins from Aunt Jodie weren't even born at the time..

Now I will have to do some digging (as I said in earlier post, I would) to find out just how far back I can go with this 1rst relationship. I am actually looking at the straight pedigree line of SARGENT. Next would be that as Great-Great grandchild of James' parents Jasper SARGENT and Mary Elizabeth ADKIN. Jasper and Mary had 7 children -3Girls and 4Boys. Great Grandpa James was their 5th child. Haven't really gotten into the branching out of families yet. Guess it is now time to do this if I am to see how far back this may go.

UPDATE: 11/30/16,
Answer is  NO

Now if anyone is part of my SARGENT extended family , do let me know.

Reading back over this artical I can see there is a possiblity of not being the 1rst great great grandchild with so many sibling of both James and Vercie. James having 3 sisters and 3 bothers , Vercie having 3 brothers and 5 sisters.

Vercie's parents were Perry Heacock and Emily Bell Luttrell

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


I am the first born child of my father.
The first born grandchild of my grandfather.
Born the first Great Grandchild of James & Vercie Sargent, just months before their 50th wedding anniversary.

I am also the oldest cousin of both immediate families on both mother and father's side.

Just wonder how far back I can go...guess I will have to start digging into the cousins and other branches now to see how far back this first born ranking go. UPDATE: 03/2015 click this LINK to see what I found I rank 16

Have you ever wondered where you are in the ranks. Here is an interesting site to check out dealing with your birth ranking and even marriage. There is some more fun at the PBS It's My Life .

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