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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Some Reasons To Why I do GENEALOGY

these ideas actually were found HERE and I agree with them 100% and I still agree (03/2015)

Renew interest in history,You see different perspectives such as the two World Wars and other military battles that were fought. I now know my family served on both the NORTH and the SOUTH. I am also now finding out why I am not finding some male relatives on several census, due to military deaths.

See the “fads” in the different generations. It can be surprising what comes back in fashion today.

Medical history is somewhat of importance to all of us. You can learn more about this once you start going after the death certificates and see what was written for reason of death.

You meet interesting living people! to name a few....or come across some relative who actually grew up with your parents or grandparents and can share photos , stories among other things.

You meet the interesting dead . Those in your tree, you learn about ways of life , popular names of the times.

Personal papers are documents of history, your history. Any relative who had a Social Security # will be found in the Social Security Death list , where you can find the SS# and send away fora copy of the actual Social Security Application. There is also the marriage applications which will give info on each bride and groom and their parents, where living, where born, and what their occupation was at time of marriage. These too can be purchased from the county or state the marriage took place.

There are the different Occupations. Most of the women were housekeepers, or may have done seamstress type work. Unmarried were often school teachers. Men were into farming mostly, may find to have a banker, lawyer in your tree.

Reconnecting with family you lost , forgot or just didn't know were there. I recently got back in touch with a cousin I haven't seen or heard from in several years. I have also had a 2nd cousin contact me who was able to give me more info or a thumbs up on info I had . Sharing of photos and other documations is always good.

Mode of transportation wasn't always cars,buses and trains. Sometimes it is hard to fantom the fact that my great grandparents, even my grandfather at a young age were getting around in covered wagons. Look back at the changes of the last several decades and your family was part of the history making process.

BUT the biggest reason is to have this for my children and theirs to pass on .

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