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Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Place In History

My biggest passion for the past 3 years has been researching my family tree. Doing so I have found that I have connections with people and places in history. My family tree is public on Check my tree at .*note you need to have an ancestry account, which can really be one of the best and funnest thing to do!

Now that my tree has grown, and of course I am paying monthy to have it up online (which I find is very useful and orderly). There is a link which will show the famous people you are related to and in what way. For example, I have the likes of Samuel Adams Massachusetts Representative Samuel Adams helped to organize the Boston Tea Party. From the beginning he was a loud voice for independence. Samuel is shown as 4th Cousin 5 times removed - my 8th generation Great Grandfather is Samuel's 3rd generation Great Grandfather John Perkins (1583-1654)

Laura Ingalls Wilder One of my childhood favorite authors is shown as my 8th Cousin (my dad's side and her mother's side) with the same 7th Great Grandfather William Sargent.

I have connections to past Presidents, Actresses, Authors, and many others UPDATE: Special button to get these connections is NO LONGER there, seems Ancestry took it down, don't know why....

I never really cared for history in school, but now seeing it through the family tree and many of my members of my tree were there during the battles, wars, conflicts, and great grandfather James H Sargent has his registration cards online for both WW1and WW2 . There is another relative who fought in the Civil War with the 91rst Infantry of Indiana . More on the civil war just check here

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