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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Getting Back 2 the Roots

UPDATE 12/12/08 added to bottom of this post

Well, I have FINALLY found the marriage record of my dad's parents. All this time I was looking under the wrong rock....turns out the marriage took place in Illinois, not Indiana.
How did this actually come to my attention-I got an email from a second cousin in Michigan (dad's cousin) and she remembered me, along with my sister and afew of the relatives are still have sweet thoughts of mom.

Kara, my 2nd counsin, didn't know mom had been dead and gone over 30 yrs, was able to clear up the detail of why Gr Grandma Vercie was heading West to our house during the last few winters of her life when she had a son in Ariz. And Mom and Dad were no longer married.
Seems mom and Vercie were closer than I could have thought...but then again I was a pre teen at the time. I remember something about mom sending $money or tickets for airfare from Indiana to Calif, Kara was able to clarify this for me that it was possible and most likely to have happen that way.

Thanks to Kara I now know there is a stronger possiblity of the story behind Dad's going into the Navy and the pregnacy scam back then. It is still a mystery to how it was done....
Kara is still looking into the missing photo/diaries of Vercie's visits to Calif. And I do hope and wish her luck with this one.

Now as for is more than a hobbie, or past time. There are stories , history and connections , but the fact finding can't even compare to having a connection with someone from your past who actually rmembers you back then..THANK YOU KARA!

12/12/08- received some photos from Kara (my 2nd cousin) Along with a newsclipping about Vercie and James GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY and i do believe I am mentioned in the piece as the (nameless) great grandchild...the artical is dated may 1955 and I was born 1954.
I hope to have this and the other pictures up on my family sites soon. And again I want to thank Kara for these.

UPDATE (once again)
05/13/10- working on weeding out some of the many labels I really don't use or need anymore. How often do you go through your blogs and repost or change/add to them?

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