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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Well it is that time again....and the Census are a big part of doing your genealogy. Most of the census have been publish only up to 1930 and none are connected to my parents themselves. Both were born after 1930.

Here is something of interest on when the next census for 1940 will be published and why it takes so long because of the 72-year privacy law or what is Title 44 of the United States Code

So in a nutshell the 1940 will be available in 2012,
the 1950 will be in 2022,
the 1960 (*AND THIS WILL SHOW ME ON IT -being of about 6yrs old), in 2032,
the 1970 in 2042,
1980 in 2052,
1990 in 2062,
the 2000 in 2072
and the one we do this year on APRIL 1rst won't be available till 2082.

This census will be the 23rd census and depending on when you were born, this is my 6th one!
Now if you care to make a little money on APRIL FOOLS day-yep that is the day of the census, go to the census main page and check it out.

Now just how old will you be when you show up on a census? The first Census to show me will be when I am 78 yrs old....

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