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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Birth of a Tree

To begin a family tree you start with yourself, or a parent or grandparent. I have two sites which have the SARGENT family tree. ANCESTRY and TRIBAL PAGES . and now a third, WikiTree, this one being FREE, the first two are paid....updated 03/2015

To start a tree you need to start at the beginning with one person, yourself , a parent, or grandparent. For down loadable charts start with the Ancestral Chart, remember to place all women with maiden names, such as mothers, grandmothers, so on. As you get further back in the family line you can use other charts to keep track of each line.
The ancestral chart is also know as the PEDIGREE CHART
*NOTE -this chart is one your can fill out and then print out!

Oct 23rd 2009 *
just discovered a new twist on my tree, a tree with in the tree so to speak. Seems my gr gr grandparents had siblings who married each other. Jasper's sister Jane married his wife Mary Elizabeth's brother Abner Adkins. Now I know I have another twist with in my tree with the Waggoners, but this is the first I could confirm. UPDATE 03/2015 Waggoner sis/brother marriage is hard to explain, Ck out the WAGGONER Line in this tree, looking at Elizabeth and Jacob Waggoner. Her son married his daughter....which makes this couple cousins.  Ck this link to see the drawing I did for this part of my tree branch.

Ever find something just not seeming to workout right within your tree and then to discover it is actually sibling of family's marring with in family. This could be a reason for the complications of finding the right records and so many similar names

JUST A FRIENDLY REMINDER once you have gotten in deep within the tree you really need to pay close attention to the names, dates and locations. Doing Genealogy is dealing with lots of details and facts....
Do share with me any twist / turns you may have come across in the journey of doing genealogy!

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