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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the HEACOCK ladies

Vercie HEACOCK 1888-1972 married into sargent family may 13, 1905 in winslow,pike county, indiana

Emily Bell LUTTRELL 1866-1948 (Perry-Aug. 4, 1884) Pike county, Indiana

Mary Polly CORN 1827-1857 (Edwin-Nov. 3, 1843) Pike county, Indiana

Eunice PHILLIPS 1797-1868 (Samuel)

Mirium THOMAS 1753-1847 (William-1773) Pennylvania

Ann ROBERTS 1718-1807 (William-1746) Pennyslvania

Ann TILL 1681-1764 (Jonathan-Sept. 2 1693) in ENGLAND

Jane COX 1657-1695 (John-May 3, 1671) in ENGLAND

1 comment:

  1. Oh, my gosh! You hardly ever come across the name Heacock when searching through e-mail lists and other genealogical lists.
    And, then I came upon Ann Till & Jonathan Heacock's names.
    Well, we are related. My grandmother was a Heacock whose father was from Chester, PA.
    I am having problems tracing them directly through to Ann Till & Jonathan Heacock, but I know that they are my ancestors through family tradition and proximity.
    The Heacock book I have has many entries where a Heacock person may have had children but the author (Roger Heacock) didn't know or that a Heacock person had so many children, but their names are not known.
    And I feel sure that we're in that area.
    My gg-grandfather was Jacob Heacock, but I cannot find his parents. So, that's my brick wall. I'm still searching.


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