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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

SARGENT / HEACOCK 50th Wedding Anniversary

This picture was sent to me by my 2nd cousin Kara , who's mom is my grandfather's sister. Thanks Kara, for finding me on ANCESTRY (dot) com and being a FaceBook Friend! PLEASE click photo to enlarge it. TRANSCRIPTION

This is my great grandparents James H. SARGENT and Vercie HEACOCK Sargent. Once you get the enlargement of this photo , the date on it is May 3rd of 1955. They were married May 13th 1905. Toward the end of the article, mention of having ONE great grand child , of course is nameless, but I know it is me! I was born in February of 1954 and the 50th anniversary was May of 1955. Most of the grandkids were still kids themselves,and my cousins from Aunt Jodie weren't even born at the time..

Now I will have to do some digging (as I said in earlier post, I would) to find out just how far back I can go with this 1rst relationship. I am actually looking at the straight pedigree line of SARGENT. Next would be that as Great-Great grandchild of James' parents Jasper SARGENT and Mary Elizabeth ADKIN. Jasper and Mary had 7 children -3Girls and 4Boys. Great Grandpa James was their 5th child. Haven't really gotten into the branching out of families yet. Guess it is now time to do this if I am to see how far back this may go.

UPDATE: 11/30/16,
Answer is  NO

Now if anyone is part of my SARGENT extended family , do let me know.

Reading back over this artical I can see there is a possiblity of not being the 1rst great great grandchild with so many sibling of both James and Vercie. James having 3 sisters and 3 bothers , Vercie having 3 brothers and 5 sisters.

Vercie's parents were Perry Heacock and Emily Bell Luttrell

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