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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

marriage SARGENT / HEACOCK page 2 of 3

page 2 of 3
marrage application
The top portion of this is the ending of the 'male'
with James signing to the fact of knowing
that the above statements are true.
Then beginning with Vercie's part of the application,
I have noted that there is no middle name for
vercie anywhere and am still looking to come
across one.
Vercie was born in Pike county Indiana
on October 22, 1887
*This is where I have come across different birth year, could be 1888 which is what has been on the census .
she list as her occupation , a house keeper
Vercie's father is listed as Perry Heacock,
born in Pike county Indiana
who was a farmer living in
Pike county Indiana
Vercie's mother is listed as Emma B Luttrell
the handwriting is hard to read, mother's name is actually
Emily Bell Luttrell
who was also born in pike county, indiana
Vercie's father was witness to the signing of this application
on May 12th 1905
NOTE seems women in the day not only didn't have rights but fathers had to sign to the fact that all statements on this marriage application for bride .
witness to both
james and perry's signature
was a M J Sherrod
and Joseph O'Burn was Clerk of Pike Circuit Court
on to page 3

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