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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the SARGENT line as far back as

10th generation

1715 - 1768 with William Sargent. A life of about 53 years. He married Sara Lea 1735 in North Carolina at the age of 20 years old. His father possibly being Stephen Bryant Sargent of Virginia, born in 1695, with Stephen's dad being John Francis Sargent, no other info is know at this time.

9th generation

Next down the line is William and Sara's son Thomas, born in North Carolina 1760. Married Ann Darby in 1782 while still in N.C. Died 1820 Lawrence co. Indiana.

8th generation

Thomas and Ann's son is Joseph born 1785 in Caswell co. North Carolina. Married Elizabeth Waggoner Nov.16, 1804 in Pulaski co. Kentucky. He died Oct. 8, 1865 in Martin co. Indiana.

7th generation

Joseph and Elizabeth son Elisha born March 15, 1813 in Indiana, married Elizabeth Waggoner October 3, 1830, died December 21, 1866

6th generation

Elisha and Elizabeth's son Jacob was born December 6, 1831 in Lawrence co. Indiana, married Nance Jane Skeen Sept 17, 1852 in Daviss co. Indiana. Died December 20, 1895.

5th generation

Jacob and Nancy's son Jasper Nelson Sargent was born January 4, 1857 in Martin co. Indiana, married Mary Elizabeth Adkins October 25, 1875 Martin co. Indiana, died June 9, 1898 in Martin co. Indiana.

4th generation

Jasper and Mary E. son was James Hillory Sargent born June 26, 1886 in Indiana, married Vercie Heacock May 13, 1905 in Pike co. Indiana, Died July 12, 1963 in Indiana. James was the 5th child of Jasper and Mary, with a total of 7 children He was the 2nd son of 4 boys.

3rd generation

James and Vercie's son ( my grandfather ) was Arthur Hillory Sargent, born March 21, 1903 Linton, Indiana. Married Winifred Justus December 5, 1933 in Clark co. Illinois, died March 1974 in Yuma , Arizonia. Grandpa was the 2nd child of 5/ 1rst son of james and vercie. The sibling were emil joan 1906-1939, cletus ray 1910-2001, vercie may 1914-2008, edith jeannett 1918-1997.

2nd generation

Art and Winnie's only son (my dad) was James Ray Sargent born November 12, 1934 in Linton, Indiana. He met my mother in California where they got married December 1952 somewhere in Ventura co. He died December 15, 2005 in California. Dad had a younger sister Jodie, still looking for information .

1rst generation

this would be me and siblings

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