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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Decendants of SARGENT / LEA

1. William B SARGENT b.1715 New Kent, Virgina d. 11 February 1768 North Carolina
m. Sara Lea (1735 North Carolina) b. 1715 Virgina d. 1783 North Carolina
William and Sara's 8 children:
a. Thomas Sargent 1734-?
b. Elizabeth Sargent 1736-?

c. Stephen Bryant Sargent 1740-1815
d. Joseph Sargent 1740-1781
e. William B. Sargent 1740-1816
*note, c,d, & e seem to have same birth yr. could there be triplets in the family? Will have to look into this at another time

f. Mary Sargent 1750-1768 (lived abt. 18 yrs)
g. James Sargent 1751-1833
2H> Thomas SARGENT 1760 Orange county, NC-1820 Lawrence county, Indiana
m. Ann Darby (1782 N.C.) b. 1741 d. (unknown)
Thomas and Ann's 6 children:
a. Thomas Sargent 1719-1863
b. Aaron Sargent 1783-?
3C>Joseph SARGENT b.1785 North Carolina d. 08 Oct. 1865
d. Abner Sargent 1786-?
e. Drada Sargent 1789-1840
f. Stephan Sargent 1790-?

3.C Joseph Sargent
m. Elizabeth Waggoner (16 Nov 1804) b. 1791 d. 1832
Joseph and Elizabeth had 8 children:
a. Elanor Sargent
b. Joseph Sargent 1811-1849
4.C>Elisha SARGENT b.15 March 1813 Lawrence co. Indiana d. 21 Dec. 1866 McCameron, Martin co. Indiana
d. Absalom Sargent 1817-1863
e. Sara Sargent 1819-?
f. Cyrena Sargent 1825-?
g. Frances Sargent 1830-?

4C Elisha Sargent
m. Salvina Waggoner (03 Oct. 1830 Lawrence, Indiana) b. 18 Feb. 1813 d. 22 Jan. 1846 Indiana,
2nd m. Sara Boyd Skeen 1822-1901 Martin co, Indiana
Elisha and Salvina had 8 children:
5A>Jacob SARGENT b. 06 Dec. 1831 Lawrence co. Indiana d. 20 Dec. 1895 Daviss co. Indiana
b. H. Joseph Sargent 1833-1849
c. James Sargent 1835-1897
d. Jane Sargent 1837-1922
e. John Sargent 1839-1840
f. Elizabeth Sargent 1841-?
g. Catherine Sargent 1843-?
h. Daniel Sargent 1845-?

Elisha and 2nd wife Sara had 9 Children:
a. Thomas 1848-1912
b. Margaret 1850-?
c. Emiline 1852-1865

d. Henry 1855-1855 (died within first year)
e. Aaron 1855-1900
*note-possible muti-births of twins, looking into later

f. henry absolon 1857-1857
g. Chisholom 1857-?
*NOTE again another possible twins

h. sophrona 1858-1864
i. Mary 1861-1941

5A> Jacob Sargent
m. Nancy Jane Skeen (17 Sept. 1831 Daviss co. Indiana) b. 23 Nov. 1830 Kentucky d.1905 Martin co. Indiana
Jacob and Nancy had 3 children:
a. Jane Sargent 1853-1938
6B> Jasper Nelson SARGENT b. 04 Jan.1857 Indiana d. 12 July 1898 Indiana
c. Henry Sargent 1859-?

6B> Jasper Nelson Sargent
m. Mary Elizabeth Adkins (25 Oct 1875 Indiana) b. 07 May 1859 d. 28 Jan. 1927
Jasper and Mary had 7 children:
a. Etha Malinda Sargent 1878-1898
b. Emma Jane Sargent 1881-1894
c. Asa Nelson Sargent 1882-1908
d. Johanna Sargent 1884-1913
7E> James Hillory SARGENT b. 26 June 1886 Indiana d. 12 July 1963 Indiana
f. Thomas McDonald Sargent 1888-1957
g. Hobart McKinley Sargent 1896-1973

7E> James Hillory Sargent
m. Vercie Heacock (13 May 1905 Pike co. Indiana) b. 17 Oct. 1888 Pike co. Indiana d. 21 March 1972 Indiana
James and Vercie had 5 children:
a. Emil Joan Sargent
8B> Arthur Hillary SARGENT b. 21 March 1908 Indiana d. March 1974 Arizonia
c. Cletus Ray Sargent 1910-2001
d. Vercie May Sargent 1914-2008
e. Edith Jennett Sargent 1918-1997

8B> Arthur Hillary Sargent
m. Winifred G. Justus (05 Dec. 1933 Clark co. Illinois) b. 24 Feb. 1915 Green co. Indiana d. 07 March 1995 Arizonia
Arthur and Winifred (winnie) had 2 -possible 3 children:
9A> James Ray SARGENT b. 12 Nov. 1934 Greene co. Linton Indiana d. 15 Dec 2005 San Diego co. Calif.
b. Joycelyn A Sargent 1936-2000
*NOTE aunt jodie may or may not have been a twin, which died at birth.

9A> James Ray Sargent
m. Patricia Kay Andree (06 Dec. 1952 Ventura, California) b. 31 Oct. 1933 Chicago, Ill.
d. Jan. 1975
James and Patricia had 2 children:
10A> ME
b. my sister
Dad also married afew more times
9A> James R. Sargent
m. Nancy (person still alive as far as we know-goes unnamed) married 19??) b. ? d. ?
James and Nancy had 2 children:
c. James
d. Arthur V.

Now the siblings and my children are the 11th generation with the 12th not far behind with my grandkids growing up so fast.

Anyone who is of this line feel free to connect with me, would love to know more about my family . This project is on going and will be added to as I research the family branches a little more. "WORK IN PROGRESS!

Will be adding the other branches so any corrections or added info just let me know , thanks.

QUESTION of the day! How may twin births can you find in your tree? Tell me about it!

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