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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SARGENT direct line HERITAGE where they came from

Heritage of the Sargent line so far ....and the family line that married into this family.

SARGENT~Direct research goes back 10 generations to Sargent/Lea marriage States are:Linton,Greene county Indiana- Caswell and Orange counties of North Carolina- New Kent, Virgina

ANDREE~Mother's family comes from sweden, her parent both were born and raised in SWEDEN
settled in Cook county, Chicago, Illinios

JUSTUS ~Dad's mom, going back in research about 6 generations living in Greene county Indiana- Tusacarawas county, Ohio- and North Carolina (possible McDowell)

HEACOCK ~Grandpa's mom, going back about from Vercie, 7 generations to Heacock/Till marriage , both coming from England. Living in Pike county, Indiana- Bucks and Chester counties of Pennsylvania

ADKINS~ starting with Elizabeth M. back about 6 generations to marriage of Adkins/Higham. Living in Martin county Indiana- Tennesee- Kentucky- Kershaw and Laurens counties of South Carolina- Maryland- Virgina

SKEEN~starting with Nancy Jane back about 5 generations to Robert Skeen who came from SCOTLAND He married Mary Robertson who was born in the USA Family comes from Kentucky- Blount county of Tennesee- Rockingham county of Virgina- Pennsylvania

WAGGONER~ only 2 generations Salvina was born in Pulaski, Kentucky, her dad from Russell, Virgina

WAGGONER~only 2 generations Eliz was born in Russell Virgina, her dad was from Augusta, Virgina.

*the WAGGONERS are my BRICK WALL, can't figure if or how these two ladies are related! have found doing this post that the girls fathers were born same year in different counties of Virgina, died different years in Laurence county of Indiana only different times.

DARBY~haven't done any on this lady. Only info is the birth year of 1741

LEA~goes back 3 generations to Lea/Green marriage Sara (sarah) is from the same line of SARGENT/MAJOR of Virgina. Sara was born in King Queen county of Virgina with both her father and grandfather being from New Kent, Virgina.

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