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Thursday, March 04, 2010

HOW TO Share your ANCESTRY tree with others

I got an email from a distant cousin (Susan of the HEACOCK line) the other day asking how I got others on my tree as guest, contributors and maybe there are others out there who want to know as well.

Most of my list is of those connected to my tree which I have found or they found me through the member connections. Most will be Guest and few are the Contributors..all of which I have them NOT seeing the live people on my tree, but can access the info I do have on my ancestors.

1. sign on to ancestry dot com, go to the tree you want to add someone to as an invitee. On the right hand side just under the "search window to find person in this tree" there should be a link "invite family members". Click on this link , takes you to ....

2. If you already have invitees the page will be "manage your invites" ..... look for the button (should be on right hand side) with a +sign "invite people". Again, click this.....

3. You will need the person's name and email. EXAMPLE~ I place in ( ) the family name they connect with me just after their name. It helps me to know where they are in my own family branches. Such as the above named distant cousin Susan, I have the (HEACOCK) after her name . This is the branch that we connect with in our trees.

4 IMPORTANT~ make sure you check which role you are giving them, Guest and Contributor are the best , unless you allow them to edit...then they will be able to undo (even by accident) any work you have done. Also make sure , if for just privacy, the box for seeing live people on your tree is NOT checked.

*The editor role is allowed to see the living by do have caution on this.

5. Feel free to add a short note in the notation box. When I invite someone I let them know where I found them..on the member connect or even face book (which is where afew , hopefully all will end up at ).

Once you have done all this , chick on the send button and sit back and should get an email once that person has excepted your invite.

Hope this helps in the way of sharing our family branches with others out there.

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