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Thursday, January 28, 2010

ORGANIZING the Paper Mountain part 1

Elyse at Elyse's Genealogy Blog has three great posts on dealing with the huge paper piles that are associated with genealogy. So this is my attempt at making a comment post on the subject.

1~ADMIT~well of course I have the problem with the papers...I save everything. AND I do mean EVERYTHING! I Do ADMIT there is a problem, a big problem~NO , a Huge Problem!

2~the PLAN, well first I need to get ALL the papers together from ALL the places they are setting at , like the local storage cubical I am renting by the month!

How do I think of my ancestors? Been doing mostly the pedigree , working at filling in everyone who is directly in my family line. Since getting to those "eek" brick walls with 10 to 12 generations back, have been working on the family units of couples and the children.

This is where I have found myself being the FIRST child, FIRST grand, FIRST Gr Grand. Now am working at seeing if I could be the First GR GR GRAND.

At this point , I am discovering the "Double Cousins" or as I like to call it, "a tree within a tree!"

I have one huge zippered type Notebook which has tabs for the 10 plus generation, filed with those of that group. Along with ALL those printed out Census record from for each person I have recorded on the tree so far. Of course there is the online (printed) marriage records, SS death records, Military/service records, etc.....

So you can see just where my little old problem lays!

3~the third step, The SEPARATING and ORGANIZING

Actually, the plan is there with the notebook. What I need is to go through the pile and weed out the duplicates of all the records , one of the same would be trashed , ones belonging to sibling, cousins and others will be filed for another time...ones I know I will need at later date, just not right now.

So in conclusion, I just need to bring together and RE vamp my system to a better form of organization! This year I will be working / training myself to taming this "beast" !

Now on to Part 2 of the 3 Part article

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