• SARGENT, Andree, Justus, Heacock, Adkins, Skeen, Waggoner,Darby, Lea, Gold
  • JUSTUS, Marsh, Casper, Mizer
  • HEACOCK, Luttrell, Corn, Phillips, Thomas , Roberts, Till, Cox, Turner, Keene
  • ADKINS,Williams, Mahan, Lynch
  • SKEEN, Percyfield, Boyd, Thomas, Roberson

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

the JUSTUS men

JUSTUS, james turner-born 8 Nov 1884 in Greene county, Indiana

JUSTUS, david m-born abt.1846 in Tuscarawas county, Ohio

JUSTUS, reuben r-born 8 Nov 1801 in McDowell, North Carolina

The following may or may not be part of the family line due to name change , will investigate at another time....

JUSTUS. (JUSTICE) william-born 27 Feb 1765 in Brunswick, Virginia

JUSTUS, (JUSTICE) john - born 18 Mar 1720 in Charles City, Charles, Virginia

JUSTUS, (JUSTICE) Justinian -born 25 Dec 1694 in Charles City, Charles, Virginia

JUSTUS, (JUSTICE) Justinian- born 1660 in Charles City, Charles, Virginia

JUSTUS, (JUSTICE) William -born 1625 England

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