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Saturday, December 24, 2011


the swedish grandfather I never knew...don't even know if he and I ever met.  But the other day came across an email which told me ancestry found a document about grandpa Eugene.  His Death Record....and sadly to say, not much more can be gotten from this record.  No known SS# and nothing of his parents.  Was told by my aunt Andi once in one of our many phone conversations, that grandpa Eugene was a DRUNK, a very Mean Drunk at that.....the cause of death...
CIRRHOSIS of the LIVER!  Two other little things noted are ~his being in the Navy in OHIO....and his leaving off the last letter "E" from his name.


  1. Hi,
    It is interesting to read about your grandfather. Do you know if he was born in the United States or in Sweden?
    Regards from
    Yvonne in Sweden

  2. Yes, both grandparents were born and raised in Sweden, the met here in the USA in the early 1930's. He was never part of my life, mom never mentioned me, my sister and cousins~Grandpa was "Bob", Grandma's second husband.

    As for the last name with or without the last "E" , I really can not be sure just how to go about looking for him. The Swedish cousins don't know much about him either.

    I did email the cemetery he is buried at in Chicago, so until I hear something from them, I am stuck again.


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