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Friday, February 25, 2011

Grandma Winnie

Grandma Winnie
would have be 96 yesterday 02/24/2011
Born in Linton, Indiana

Been having an email conversation with a cousin (Paula)
 and have learned some new and interesting things
about grandma I didn't know.

We both agree that it would
have been out of grandma's character
to make things up. I remember her as being
VERY straight forward..
There was the question of her first name, part of the family
was told it was just winnie..

As this marriage license shows,
 her name being  Winifred.  The
last name JUSTUS also verified for me,
the correct spelling when I recieved this.
I had always thought it was JUSTICE.

Now the her first name of Winnie
is shown on my dad's
birth certificate. And that is another story in itself.
my conclusion is
grandma just liked being known as

To date, I am waiting on the arrival of grandma's
SS application to see what the name
will be,
(more on that later)
grandma was also listed as WINIFRED
on the 1930 Cencus when she along with
two brothers and younger sister were in
the Masonic Home for Orphans.
*note~she and her brothers went by the name
Justis (I instead of U)
and the younger sister
can be found down the list as
Margaret Justice.
Justice is the spelling I had always
thought it to be .

As for her middle name...that will be looked into.
Will be looking to get grandma's Birth Certificate.
This should show if she did or didn't have the
middle name Gaunita (I hope!)
should also be on SS application
I have been informed this is the middle name of grandma,
BUT I have to have the tanglable
proof...*this is important to me

Story has it , Grandma had a bad car acciedent
sometime early 50's..broke her back, wasn't healing
and didn't care for the cold.  She and grandpa were in
Mchigan or Indiana, so they moved to
Yuma, Ariz.
*I remember she and grandpa had
twin beds, and her's had
a wood board under
the mattress.
The accident
 was just around my birth, there is an old envelope
in my baby book which shows the
address from back east.

With grandma having
osteoperosis as well as athritis
I think this would be another
good topic to have input on.

All in all, grandma was a driving force
of the family, forthright , gutsy, straightforward...
but loving and caring to her own..glad to know I was the
first of many of those grandkids!

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