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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Municipal Code of 1940 Linton Indiana

I found this in my Document files on the computer...must have forgot about it. It is a bit long, but really interesting, as well as entertaining. Real eye might want to print it out, about 65pgs...can't find where I got it, even googled, searched and still nothing...

1940 Municipal Code - Linton, Indiana


The Code following herein contains the ordinances of the City of Linton
which are effec\ive at the present time. Ordinances for levying taxes,
making appropriations, floating bonds, ordering street, sidewalk, sewer,
or other improvements and other ordinances of a temporary nature whose
purposes have been served are omitted from this volume.

Through the splendid efforts of the City attorney and the co-operation
of the Mayor and Common Council it has been possible to detect and
repeal many obsolete and contradictory ordinances or parts thereof, and
thus to clarify and make more certain the applicable laws of the City.

The titles to all ordinances found in the ordinance books were first

copied. An examination of the titles, or in doubtful cases of the

ordinances themselves, indicated whetber an ordinance was of temporary
or permanent nature. Those of a permanent nature were oopied in full

and the contents classified and assembled.

The Municipal Ordinance Project was finaneed by a grant of federal WPA
funds. The greater part of the routine work necessary to accomplish
this codification was done by persons employed by the Proffessional and

Service Division of the WPA. The Bureau of Governmental Research of
Indiana University, as tbe sponsor of the state-wide Project, furnished
the necessary teohnical and supervisory assistance. To the officials
of the City, however, must be given the credit for the will to have the
City's ordinances clarified and codified and to have such completed
work published in this volume where it will be easily acoessible to all
interested persons.

P. S. Sikes
Director, Bureau of
Governmental Reasearch




1 -Rules of Comon Council ----__________ 1
2 -Officers and Boards --6
3 _ Municipal Utilities -Rates 13

1 ___________________________________________


1 ___________________________________________TITLE 3 -BUILDING 19

1 --------------------------. --------------~


____________________________________ 26



1 ------------------~

1 ---------------------------------------42

1 --------------------____________________ 49

1 -------.---------------.-----___.__ 51






City Clerk-Treasurer City Attorney



Be it ordained by the Common Council of the CIty of Linton, Indiana
that the Municipal Code of Linton, Indiana of 1940 Is hereby
adopted as the official Code of this City.





1-101. Meetings.
1-102. Presiding Officer.
1-103. Impeaching Motives of Mellbers.
1-104. Transgression of Rules.
1-105. LimitatioD OD SpeakiDg.
1-106. Motion Made aDd Seooaded.
1-107. MOtions in writing.
1-106. MOtion When Question under Debate.
1-109. MOtion to Re-oonsider -Be.olution -Ordinance.
1-110. Paper Called for -Deoision by Couacil.
I-Ill. Three Readi. at ODe Meeting.
1-112. VotiDg -Roll Call.
1-113. Address by NoD-Melllbers.
1-114. Duty of Police Chief.
1-115. ParliameDtary Rule. -Duties of ComDdttees.
1-116. Suspension of Rules.
1-117. Remarks during Roll Call.
1-118. Standing Committees.
1-119. Committee on Finance.
1-120. Committee on Accounts and Claims.
1-121. Committee on Printing aDd Stationery.
1-122. Proceedings of Council.
1-123. OrgaDization.
1-124. Order of Business.
1-125. Absence.
1-126. Wards and Councilmanic Districts.

1-101. MEETINGS. -There-shall be held twelve (12) regular meetings of
this Common CouDcil in each calendar year; said regular meetings shall be
held in the Council room in the City Hall of said City, shall be open to
the public, and shall be held at the hour of seveD-thirty (7130) P.M. on
the second Tuesday of each month.

1-102. PRESIDING OFFICER. -The &~yor shall maintain strict order in the
Council; be shall decide all questions of order and his decision shall
be final unless an appeal is taken to the Council.

1-103. I&l'EACHING WTIVES OF &£&IlERS. -No member shall impeach the
motive of any member's vote or argument.


1-104. 1llAN9iRESSION OF RUlES. -If any member in any wise transgress the

rules of the Council any other member may call bim to order. in which case

the alleged offender shall immediately take bis seat. unless permitted to
explain. If the question of order be decided against him he shall be

liable. if the case requires it. to the censure of the Council. If the
decision be in his favor he shall be at liberty to proceed.

1-105. LIMITATION ON SPEAKING. -No member shall speak longer than five
minutes at a time nor more tban twice on tbe same question except by tbe

unanimous consent of Council. When the Mayor or presiding officer is

putting a question or addressing the Council. or when any member is speak

ing. no member shall engage in any private discourse nor walk across nor

leave tbe room unnecessarily.

1-106. wrION MADE Al'll SECOl'llED. -Wben my motion is made and seconded

it shall be stated by the presiding officer. or. being in writing it sball
be handed to the Clerk and read aloud before debate.

1-107. wrIONS IN warrING. -Every motion or proposition shall. if the

presiding officer or any member of the Council demands it, be reduoed

to writing.

1-108. wrION WHEN QUESlION UNDER DEBATE. -When any question is under
debate no motion shall be received but to amend. lay on the table. the
previous question. to postpone or to oommit, which motion shall have
preference in the order in which they are here arranged.

1-109. Im'ION TO RE~NSIDER -RE~LI1nON -OOOINA1'I::E. -When any question
has once been decided in tbe affirmative or the aegative. any member voting
with tbe majority may move a reconsideration thereof, on the same or next

subsequent meeting. A resolution once adopted may be reconsidered bysubsequent resolution. An ordinance passed may be repealed by subsequent

1-110. PAPER CALLED FOR -DECISION BY COU1'I::IL. -When the reading of
any paper is called for, if objection be made. it shall be decided by the

I-Ill. THREE READINGS AX ONE MEETING. -No ordinance shall be passed or
read a third time at the same meeting it is introduced unless the same shall
be voted for by a vote of two-thirds of all the members of the Council.

1-112. VOTING -ROLL CALL. -The vote on the ordinance and resolutions
must be decided by a call of the roll, but any two members may call the
yeas and nays upon any motion or question.

1-113. ADDRESS BY NON-P£ItIlER. -No one not a member of the Council shall
be permitted to address the same except by an affirmative vote of two-thirds
of all the members elected; provided however, that any City officer may,
when called upon, make a verbal report.


1-114. DUfY OF POLICE CHIEF. -The Chief of Police shall preserve order

and shall prohibit smoking and loud talking. He shall act as messenger

for the Council and .hall deliver all papera to the chal~n of the

committees that may be placed in his hinds by tbe City Clerk within two

day' after the adjournment of any meeting of the Council, at which such

papers have been referred.

1-115. PARLIAMENrARY RULES -DUfIES OF CO!lMI'1TEES. -Tile general rules of

the parliamentary law, so far as applicable are to be considered the rules

of this Counoil, unless the same oonflict with any herein provided. The

duties of standing committee. shall be 81 in legislative bodies, except

as hereinafter modified or changed.

1-116. SUSPENSION OF RULES. -No rule shall be suspended except by an

affirmative vote of two-thirds of all the members of tbe Council.

1-117. REMARKS DURING ROLL CALL. -After the call of the ye~ and nays

shall have oommenced upon any queltion It shall not be in order for any

member to offer any remarks, except in explanation of his vote.

1-118. srANDING COMMITTEES. -The standing Committees of the Council

shall consi.t of three members each, except committees on streets, water

and lights, which shall consist of one member from each ward, all of

said committees to be appOinted annually. They shall be as follows I

Second--Accounts and Claims.
Third---Fire Depart.ent and Public Cisterns.
Fourth--Printing and Stationery.
Sixth---Lights and Water.

1-119. COMMITTEE ON FINANCE. -It shall be the duty of the Committee on

Finance to report ordinances making the annual tax leviel and making

appropriations, other than for the allowance of accounts and claims.

1-120. COMMITTEE ON ACCOUNrS AND CLAIMS. -It shall be the duty of the
COlllBlOn Council as a oo_ittee of the whole on Accounts and Claims to

examine and report upon tbe correctness of all accounts and claims of a

discretionary character referred to them.

1-121. COMMITTEE ON PRINTING AND srATIONERY. -It shall be the duty of

the CommJttee on Priniing and Stationery to determine what matter shall

be printed or advertised, of a discretionary character, at the expense of

the City, and to contract for all necessary stationery, office furniture
and fuel for the use of the City office. and Council Chamber.

1-122. PROCEEDINGS OF COUNCIL. _ The proceedings of the Council shall be
written in a book to be kept for that purpose by the Clerk, and he or she
sball enter therein, at length, all petitions and remonstrances with the
names of all the Signers thereto; all motions or resolutions of instructions
or direction to the officers of the City shall be copied by the Clerk, who
shall cause the same to be delivered to the respective offioers within two


1-123. ORGANIZATION. -The Mayor sball, at the hour fixed, call the Council
to order. If the Mayor be absent at the time appointed the President protem
shall perform the duties of Mayor and, if the latter be absent, any m6mber
of the Council may, upon motiOD, be called to tbe chair, and such chairman
shall act as preSiding officer until tbe arrival of one entitled to preside.

1-124. ORDER OF BUSINESS. -The following order of business sball be

observed by tbe Common Council at eacb meeting tbereof:

First ---Calling the roll.

Sacond --Reading of the journal.

Tbird ---Presentation and allowing accounts.

Fourth --Receiving and passing upon petitions and remonstrances.

Fifth ---Report of standing committee in their regular order.

Sixtb -Report of special cOlIIDittee.

Saventh -Report of offioers.

Eight ___ Resolutions and ordinances.

Ninth ---Miscellaneous business.

1-125. ABSENCE. _ If any member of tbe Common Council sball absent himselt

from any regular meeting thereof without being able to render a satisfactory

excuse therefor, such member shall forfeit and pay tbe sum of one dollar for

eacb offense, to be deducted and kept out of the allowance made to him for

his services.

1-126. WARDS AND COUNCILMANIC DISrRICTS. -The City of Linton shall be

divided into four councilmanic districts, to be known as tbe First, Seoond,

Thrd and Fourtb Counoilmanic Districts of said City, and tbe boundaries at

said councilmanic districts shall be as follows I

First Councilmanic District: Commencing at a point in tbe center of
the intersection of "A" and Second Streets, nortbeast: thence north along
the center of said Second Street, northeast, to the north corporation line;
thenoe east to Sixth Street, northeast; thence south to the alley north of
'~. Street, nortbeast: thence east on said alley north of "a" Street, northeast,
to a point due north of Twelfth Street, east: thence due south to the
intersection of Twelfth Street and "A" Street, northeast I thence westerly
in center of said "A" Street, northeast to the point of beginning.

Second Councilmanic District: Beginning in the center of "8" and
Second Streets, northeast, running thenc~ due north on the center line of
said Second Street, northeast, to the north corporation line: thence welt
on north oorporation line to west corporation lIne: thence soutb on west
corporation line to the center of "8N Street, northwest I thence east in
center of said "6" Street to point of beginning. .

Third Councilmanic District: Beginning in the center of the
intersection of "8" and Second Streets, northeast; thence south in the center
of "A" Street, northeast; thence east to center of alley between First and
Third Streets, southeast I thence due south on center line of said alley to
a point on the north side of C.M.STPI &P. railroad right-ot-way: thence
southeasterly along said railroad right-of-way to south corporation line:
thence west on south corporation line to west corporation line: thenoe
north on west corporation line to the center of "8" Street, northwest;
thence east in center of "8" Street, to the place of beginning.


Fourth Councilmanic District: Beginning in the center of the lnterlection
of "A" and Second Street., northeast running thenoe ealt and
northeasterly In center of .aid "A-Street, northeast to the ea$t corporation
line; thence south on Twelfth Street, east, to the north side of the

I.C. railroad right-of-way I thence west with said railroad right-of-way to
the east side of Eighth Street, southea.t; thence due south to the south
line of Hubbard's fifth addition; thence west to north liRe of rlght-ofway
of C.M.St.P. & P. railroad; thence northwesterly along said right-ofway
to a point due south of the center of the alley between First and
Third Streets, southeast; thence north on the center dsaid alley to
place of beginning.
There sball be four wards in the City of Linton. The nu.ber and boundary
of each ward shall coincide with the number and boundary of the corresponding
councilmanic distriot.


1-201. Building Inspector.
1-202. ----Record of Applicants for Permits.
1-20.3. -Inspect When Notified.
1-204. -Duty.
1-205. -Power.
1-206. ----&amine Buildings Being Erected.
1-207. ----Examine Dangerous Buildings.
1-208. ----Plans and Speoifications.
1-209. ----Bases of Approval and Disapproval.
1-210. ----Ehforument.
1-211. City Merchant Police.
1-212. ----Record of Subscribers to Salary.
1-2JJ. Fire Chief -Fire Inspector.
1-214. ----Servioe of Order.
1-215. ----Public Hall, CrOl·,ded or Obstructed.
1-216. Health Officer -Sanitary Sewer -Abate, Nuisance.
1-217. ----Contagious Diseases -Deputies.
1-218. ----Police.
1-219. Superintendent of Electric Light Norks.
1-220. ----Duties -Bond.
1-221. Board of Park Trustees.
1-222. ----Eleotion.
1-223. ----Duties.
1-224. ----Organization.
1-225. ----Powers.
1-226. Preferment of Charges against Offioers.
1-227. ----Reference to Committee.
1-228. ----Committee Report.
1-229. Notioe to Accused.
1-2.30. ----Trial.
1-2.31. ----Vote of Council.
1-2.32. ----General Provisions.
1-2.3.3. ----Adjournment during Trial.

1-201. BUILDING INSPl!X:TOR. -There be and is hereby oreated in said city
the office of Building Inspector, which officer shall be appointed by the
Common Council, subject to removal at their pleasure.

1-202. R&:ORD OF APPLICANTS FOR PERMITS. -It shall be the duty of said
Inspector of Buildings to keep a record of all applicants for buildingpermits,
shieh shall be regularly numbered in the order of their issu.,
also a record, showing the number, dsscription and size of all buildings
ereoted in the section hereinafter desoribed in the said City during his
term of offioe.

1-20;1. INSPEC'l' \'JHEN NOTIFIED. -It shall be the duty of the said Inspector,
upon being served with a notice requiring him to visit and inspect any
building upon or in whioh work is being done, under any of the provisions
of this code to do so.


1-204. DUTY. -It shall be the duty of the Building Inspector to sign
all certifications and notices required to be ·issued under this code, to
make complaint· of all violations thereof to the Common CounCil, of the
City of Linton, to keep in proper books for the purpose, a register of all
transactions of the office, and to enforce all of the conditions of this
code relating to the construction, alteration, repair or removal of
buildings and structures within the City.

1-205. PO'./ER. -The Building Inspsotor shall have full pOW'er to pass upon
any question rising under the prOVisions of this code, relative to the
manner of construction or material to be used in the ereotion, alteration,
or repair of any building. Prorlded however, that should any question
arise between the Building Ihspector and the owner and architect of any
building, or should the owner or architect objeot to any order or deoision
of said Inspector, the matter shall be referred to a camnittee of three
persons one of whom shall be chosen by the Building Inspeotor, one by the
owner or other interested party, and the third shall be the Chairman of
the Committee of the City Council on Ordinances and decision of these
referees sutmitted in writing to the Common Council shall be final and
conclusive. The referees thus chosen shall be entitled to five dollarS
(~5.00) for eaoh and every day or fraotional part thereof for eaoh servioe,
to be borne equal~ by the two parties interested therein.

1-206. EKAJ.:nm BUllDlNG BElNG ERECTED. -The Inspector shall examine all
buildings or cause the same to be examined upon or in which work is being
done under the provisione of this code, as often as praoticable and make
a record of all violations found, the name of the owner, lessee, oocupant,
architect, and builder and all other matters relating thereto.

1-207. ElW!lNE DANGEROUS BUllDlNGS. -It shall be the duty of the Inspector
to examine or cause to be examined all buildings reported to be dangerous
or damaged by fire or accident, and to make a record of such examinations
inoluding the nature of the same and nature of the damage, with the name of
the street and the number of the building and the name of the owner and to
examine all buildings under application to be removed, raised, altered,
enlarged, or built upon, if neoessary, and to make a reoord of the condition
of the same and such record shall always be open to the inspection of the
public. The Inspector and his regular authorized assistants ars hereby
8iven authority to enter any building of the City of Linton in the performanoe
of their duties and to order and compel the suspension of any work being
done in violation of provisions of this code, or violation of any ordinanoe
of the City of Linton, or to condemn allY dangerous or unsecure building.
and to require such building to be taken dawn, and in case the owner does
not remove or take such building down, then said Inspector may order the
same removed or destroyed at the expense of eaid City. No person shall
continue the construction of any building or use any material in or about
any building, or use any machinery in or about any build1ng after said
Building Inspector or his rsgular authorized aSSistants, have directed in
writing, the suspension of the use thereof.
The Building Inspeotor and his regular authorized assistants are hereby
given authority to make such teste as may be necessary to detemins the
safety and condition of any building or machinery, whioh it becOIIes their
duty under the provisions of this code to inspect.


1-208. PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS. -The Building Inspector shall be
entitled to demand plans and specifications of all structural work
submitted to him. In case plans and specifications do not clearly
represent the character of material and work intended, he shall demand
additional plans, specifications and details.

1-209. BASEB OF APPROVAL AND DISAPPROVAL. -The bases of approval and
disapproval of plans and specifications or of condemnation of structure
by the Building Inspector shall be the conditions of this code and shall
not be the opinion or judgement of the Bu1ldln8 Inspector unless 8Ustained
by this code.

1-210. ENFORCEMENT. -The Building Inspector is hereby oharged with the
enforcement of the provisions of this oode relating to the construction,
alteration, repair or removal of buildings and structures, and he shall
see that its provisions are observed and enforced, and fo~ this purpose
he or his assistants shall have free access at all reasonable hours to
all lmildings embraced herein, and the City Attorney shall render all
necessary legal assistance as may be required by said Inspector of Buildings
in enforcing these provisions.

1-211. CITY MERCHANT POLICE. -The office of City merohant police is her~
by created and the Cammon Council of the said City shall employ a merohant
police whose compensation shall be the amvust paid him by the merchants
and business men of said City, provided that said merchant police shall
be selected on the recommendation of the merchants and business men subscribing
to his salary, and such sub5cription shall be the only compensation
paid to him.

1-212. ruoc:ORD OF SUBSCRIBERS TO SALA.1Y. -The said merohant pollce shall
keep an accurate account of the persons, firms and corporations subsoribing
to his salary and the amount paid by eaoh, and make a report to the Mayor
of said City each and every month, in order that the City can be advised
as to whether said merchant polioe shall have received suffioisnt salary
for hie services or otherwise.

1-2.13. FIRE CHIEF -FIRE lNSPEX::TOR. -It shall be the duty of the Chief
of the Fire Department to inspect or cause to be inspected by fire department
officers or members, as often as may be necessary, but not les3 than
twice a year in outJ;ying districts and four times a year in the closely
built portions of the City, all buildings, premises and public throughfares,
except the interiors of private dwellings, for the purpose of ascertaining
and causing to bs corrected, any conditione liable to cause fire, or any
violations of the provisions or intent of any ordinance of the City
affecting the fire hazard, and for the purpose of making such inspections
the Chief of the Fire Department or any member thereof is hereby empowered
and authorized at any and all reasonable times to enter upon and into any
of the afore-said buildings and premises except private dwellings. Whenever
the Chief of the Fire Department or any officer or member thereof
shall find any builtling or other structure which for want of repairs, or
by reason of age or dilapidated condition or for any othsr cause, is
especially liable to fire, and which is so situated as to endanger other
property, and whenever any officer or member shall find in any building or
upon any premises or other place, combustible or explosive matter or
dangerous accumulations of rubbish or of unneoessary accumulations of .
waste paper, boxes, shavings or any other highly inflammable materials,
especially liable to fire, and which is 80 situated as to endanger property


or shall find-obstruction to or on fire-escapes, stairs, passageways, door~,
windows, etc., liable to interfere with the operation of the fire department,
or egress of occupants, in case of fire, he or they shall order the same to
be removed or remedied and euch order shall forthwith be complied with by
t he owner or occupant of such premisee or buildings subject to appeal ~Iithin
t~/6nty-four hours to the Nayer, who shall within ten days review such
order and file his decision thereon, and unless the order is revoked or
modified it shall remain in full force and be obeyed by such owner or occupan't;.
Any owner or occupant failing to canply with such order within ten days after
said appeal shall have been determined, or, if no appeal is taken, then within
ten d~s after the service of said order, shall be fined in any sum not
lesa than ten dollars ($10.00) nor more than one hundred dollars 0100.00).

1-214. SmVICE OF ORDER. -The service of any such order shall be made to
the occupant of the premises to whom it is directed by either delivering a
true copy of the same to such occupant personally or by delivering the same
to and leaving it with any person in charge of the premises, or in cass no
such person is found upon the premises, by affixing a copy thereof in a
conspicious place on the door to the entrance _of the said premises) whenever
it may be neoessary to serve such order upon the owner of premises, such
order may be served by delivering to and leaving ~dth said person a true
copy of the said order, or, if such owner is absent from the jurisdiction
of the officer making the order, by mailing such copy to the owner's last
Imown postoffice address.

1-215. PUBLIC HALL, CROWDED OR OBSTRUCTED. -Whenever the Chief of the-Fire
Department or any officer or a member thereof, shall find the entranoes,
exits, aisles, fire-escapes, stairs, passageways, doors, Ifindows, eto., of
any t heater, moving pioture house, or any hall where t he public is accustomed
to congregating, crowded or obstructed with people in such a manner as to
be liable to interfere ~lith the operation of the Fire Department, or egress
of the occupants thereof, in case of fire, he or they shall order the same
to be dispersed or the situation remedied, and such order shall forthwith
be complied with by the owner or occupant of such premises or buildings.

of the City Board of Health, who is also Health Officer, all deputy health
officers and the City police shall have full power and authority to enter
into or upon any street, lot, alley, premises, or ground, for the purpose
of making a sanitary survey of the same, and if a nuisance or any insanitary
conditions are found, it shall be the duty-of the City Health Officer,
when informed of t he existance of the same; to immediately notify the
person or persons so offending, in writing, fixing a time limit to abate
the nuisanoe. If such person shall fa1l or refuse to abate the nuisance
within the time speoified, it shall be the duty of the Street Commissioner,
upon notice of t he Health Officer, to cauae t he same to be abated, keeping
an accurate account of the expense thereof, which shall be paid from the
City Treasury, upon the sworn voucher of the Street Commissioner and said
expense shall be a lien on the property and collected as taxes are collected
and turned into the City Treasury.

1-217. CONTAGIOUS DISEASES -DEPUTIES. -If at any time the work of prevention
of the spread of infectious or contagious diseases is more than oan
be reasonably expected of the City Health Officer, he may with the consent
of the Hayer, employ one or more intellegent men to act as deputies to

establish quarantine, remove patients to the spacial hospital and conduct

disinfections. All houses wherein infectious and contagious diseases may

exist or have existed, shall at the proper time be thoroughly disinfected

with formaldehyde by the Health Offioer or his deputies at the expense of

the City, as t he work is obviously for the benefit of the people. A

complete record of all disinfections, and all vaccinations and all other

health work done shall be kept by the City Health Officer in the minute

book of the City Board of Health.

1-218. POLICE. -It shall be the duty of the City Police at all timllll to

aid the City Health Officer in the work of enforcing the health and

sanitary provisions of this code, upon demand of said Health Officer.

1-219. ~UPERINT~DENT OF ELECTRIC LIGHT ~IORKS. -A superintendent tor the

Electric Light \'iorks of Linton shall be employed by said City at and for

any salary agr eed upon by the said Common Council, payable monthly at the

end of each month by warrant duly executed by the City Clerk of said City

and the said City Clerk is hereby authorized and directed to issue such

warrants out of the Light Fund of said City.

1-220. DUTIii.S -BOND. -The said Superintendent shall have full charge

and control of the operation of said Electric Li8ht \;"orks including the

collection of all moneys and funds of every kind accruing through such

operation and shall turn over all such moneys and funds, as collected, to

the City Treasurer and shall give bond in the sum of five thousand dollars

said bond to be approved by the Mayor of said City for the faithful performance
of his contract with the said City, and that he shall turn ovsr
such money as above provided, and will, upon termination of such' employment
turn over to his successor all books, papers, money on hand, and all

other matters and things in his possession pertaining to said Electric

Light \'/orks.

1-221. BOARD OF PARK TRUSTEES. -The City Park or parks Shall be under the

control and management of a Board of Trustees consisting of the Nayer, loIho

shall be exofficio chairman, and four citiaens, to be chosen as herein

after provided. One to serve one year; one, two years; one, three yearsJ

and one, four years, and at the expiration of their term of service their

successor shall be appointed for a term of four years.

1-222. ELECTIOO . -The Common Council shall elect four voters of the
City to Berve as said Park Trustees, not more than two of wbom shall belong
to the same political partYl and in case a vacancy occurs in said board
from death, reSignation, removal or failure to serve, the same shall be
filled by the Common Council at the first regular meeting thereafter;
and the members of said Park Board shall serve without pat or emolument.

1-223. DUTIES. -3aid Trustees are hereby authorized to take charge of
said Park or parks and receive and supply all revenue that may acorue to
them by appropriation, donation or otherwise; but when appropriations have
not been made they shall not contract liabilities for more than two hundred
dollars in the aggregate. The City Treasurer Shall keep a separate acoount
of all Park funds and shal l pay any money appropriated for parks or wbich
has otherwise accrued to the credit of Park funds on t he order of the Board
of Trustees signed by the presiding officer, and the Clerk shall keep an
account of the same in the manner already provided for keeping such accounts,
and t he said Trustees are authorized to take charge of improvement and


maintainanoe of said Park or parks and to preserve them, and to that
end they are clothed with all power necessary for that purpose, and may
appoint and oompensate such officer or offioers, engineer or engineers,
gardner or gardners and employ such laborer or laborere ae they may
deed proper and necessary for their preservation and maintenance of
order within the limits thereof.

1-224. ORGANIZATION. -Said Trustees shall meet within ten daye after
their eleotion and organize, and they shall thereafter meet regularly
on the first Monday in October, January, April and July of each year.
In the absence of a chairman the Board may chooee a ohairman ~tern
whose certificate while acting as such shall have the same force ~
effect as that of the regular chairman. Three members shall oonstitute
a quorum and the Board shall appoint one of its members as its secretary
who shall keep a record of aU prooeedings, showing the charaoter and
quantity of work done and the money paid therefor and persons in their
employment, their duties and compensation, and the Board shall report. the
same to the Council together with their plans proposed for operations
during the coming three monthe, at the first regular meeting in the month
of October, January, April and July of each year, and the Chairman or' any
three members of said Board shall call a speoial meeting thereof when, in
their judgement, it is deemed necessary.

1-225. POl'lERS. -Said Trustees shall have full power and authority to
dispose of by sale or otherwise any crop, wood, trees or othar property
that may be severable from the freehold, should it become necessary for
the improvement and maintenance of said parka so to do in their judgement
and to make use of the avails thereof for the said Park or parka.
Said Trustees shall have full power to make all arrangements with proprietors
in regard to divi.ion linee and enclosures, and the adjusting thereof and
exchanging the property for that purpose, and in like manner eaid Trustees
shall have full power to agree for the closing of public roads, should
any be found to run through said site or sites, or to make suoh arrangement.
thereof a& shall enable them to han entire oontrol of said Park or parka,
the exolusion of improper parties and the general police thereof.

1-226. PREFEllHl!NT OF CHARGE AGAINST OFFICERS. -Any voter of said City may
prefer oharges against any member of the Common Council, or any other officer
or employee of said City. The oharges shall be in writing, and they shall
be verified and si8ned by the voter prefer:!.ng the same am be filed with
the City Clerk, who ehall lay them before the Council at it. next meeting.

1-227. REFffiEN CE TO C(}~!ITTEE. -Suoh chargee shall be referred to a
oamnittee of three members of the Council, who shall e:x.am1ne into the samel
and they shall report in writing at the next meeting of the Council, unle..
further time be given by the Council, if. in their opinion, there be good
grounde for the accusations contained therein.

1-228. COl,n1ITTEE REPORT. -If said oommittee report that there are good
ground8 for such accusations, the Council shall at once refer suoh oharge.
to the City Attorney, who shall redraft and present in due form, ntllJlbering
eaoh specific charge, the same forthwith to the Council, ar at the next
meeting thereof , at the option of the Council; and the same shall be
marked "fUed" by the Clerk. But if suoh camdttee report that there' are
no ground8 for such accusations, then no further steps shall be taken,
unless the Council refuse to accept such report and refer such charges to

the City Attorney for preBentation in due form, as aforesaid.


1-229. NOnCE TO ACCUSED. -\'lhen such formal oharges shall have been

filed with the City Clerk by the City Attorney, the Clerk shall serve

notice on the accused, requiring him to appear before said Council, at

a oertain hour named, to answer such accusation, on a day therein named,

not less t han five nor more than ten days from the date of issuing the

sameJ which notice shall be served upon the accused by reading the same

to him, or by leaving a copy thereof at his last and usual place of

residence. Such Clerk shall also furnish the accused a copy of Baid

charges or acousation.

1-2300 TRIAL. -At the hour eet for the trial the Council if not in

regular seSSion, shall be called together in special session, by the

lo'.ayor, as a trial court. Evidence shall be taken in said cause, the

attendance of witnesses enforced by subpoena or attaohment} and all

proceedings generally shall be the same as in actions or suits of law.

The acoused shall be required to answer such Charges, and shall have

the right to eall witnesses, produce evidence, and be heard either in

person or by council.

1-231. VOTE OF COUNCIL. -At the oonolusion of the evidence and arpment,
a vote viva vooe shall be taken on each separate charge; aod if two-thirds

of t he whole-nuffiber of the councilmen elected shall determine that the
accused is guilty of any one of such oharges, he shall be deemed remwed
from hill office. Sentence of removal shall at onoe be pronounced by the
presiding officer of the Council.

1-232. GEl'IERAL PROVISIONS. -\oJhen a charge is preferred against a member
of the Council he shall have no vote in any of the proceedings instituted
against him.
ltlhen a charge is preferred against the Mayor, the duties herein prescribed
to be dischargea by him shall be disoharged by the City Clerk. lcharge is preferred against the Cit~ Clerk, the duties herein prescribed
to be discbarged by him shall be di scharged by the Mayor. When a charge

is preferred against t he City Attorney, the duties prescribed to be
discharged by him shall be discharged by same attorney appointed by the
Common Council for t hat purpose.

1-233. ADJOllRNHl!1IT DURING TRIAL. -During the trial t he Council may adjourn
from day to day or from one day to any other, until t he same is oomplete.





Electric Rates and Charges.

Gas Rates.


----Meter Deposit.

Sewage Disposal Rates.

----Billed Honthly.

----Persons Billed.

-Additional Premises Served -Failure to Comply.

1-301. .EJ:JiX;TRIC RATES AND CHARGES. -The following rates and oharges shall
be made and collected by the Municipal Electric Company of Linton, Indiana,
for electric energy furnished and delivered by said l1unicipal Electric
Company, to consumers of said }!unicipal Electric Company and upon the teI'l!lCl
and conditions as hereinafter set out, to-wit:

CLASS A: For electrio energy furnished and delivered for lighting
purposes to consumers outside the oorporate limits of the City of
Linton. For the first twenty-five (25) kilo-watt houre nine cents
per kilo-watt hour. For the second or next twenty-five (26) kilowatt
hours eight and one-half (8~) oents per kilo-watt hour.

CLASS Bl For electric energy furnished and delivered to consumers
within the corporate limits of the City of Linton, Indiana. For
the first twenty-five (25) kilo-watt hours, the sum of eight (8)
oents per kilo-watt hour. For the seoond or next twenty-five (25)
kilo-watt hours, the sum of seven and one-half (7i) cents per kilowatt
For all electric energy in exoess of fifty kilo-watt hours the sum
of sevsn (7) cents per kilo-watt hour.

CLASS C: For eleotrio energy furnished an::! delivered for power
purpose exolusively:
For the first two hun::lred (200) kilowatt hours, the sum of four (4)
cents per kilowatt hour.
For the next or second two hundred (200) kilowatt hours, the sum
of three and one-half (3!) cents per kilowatt hour.
For all electric energy furnished and delivered in excess of four
hundred (400) kilowatt hours, the sum of three (3) cents per kilowatt

CLASS D: For electric energy furnished and delivered for cooking
and heating purposes exclusively.
For the first one hun::lred (100) kilo~mtt hours, the sum of three
and one-half (3!) cents.
For all excess energy over said one hundred kilo'"att hours, the sum
of three (J) cents.

The minimum charge per month to be made by said Hunicipal Electric Ught
Company of Linton, to consumere, shall be aa follows to-wit:


To those included in CLASS A aforesaid, the sum of seventy-five (75) cents

per month, to those included in CLASS B aforesaid, the sum of seventy (70)

cents per month, to those included in CLASS C aforesaid, the sum of fifty

(50) cents per horse power, and to those included in CLASS D aforesaid,
the sum of one Gl.OO) dollar per month.
All accounts and bills due and colleotable from consumers included in all

classes aforesaid shall be discounted a sum of money equal to ten per oent

(10%) of the total amount due, if said bill and account be paid in full on

or before the fifteenth day of the calendar month ir.Jmediately following

the rendition of said acoount.

1-302. GAS RATES. -The gas rates for the Linton Gas Plant, unless modified,
shall be as follows:
$1.50 for the first thousand cubic feet;
~l.OO for the seoond thousand cubic feet;
$ .50 for the third, fourth, and fifth thousaOO cubic feetJ
$ .40 per thousand cubic feet for all in excess of five thousand cubic feet.
Said rates shall apply for all gas used in any calendar month.
The minimum rate for any ,~etered or unmetered service shall be $1.50 (one
and one-half dollars.)

1-303. -PENALTY. -If any aoooubt tor gas remains unpaid on the 16th

day of the month following its incurrance, there shall be added a penalty

ot ten per cent (10%) and if any account remains unpaid for a period ot

two months, no further gas shall be furnished until said bill is paid" in
the disoretion of the Superintendent of said Gas Plant.

1-304. -MEl'm DEPOSIT. -A meter deposit ot three dollars ($3.00) for
all small meters and on~half of the expeoted monthly billing, tor all

large meters shall be made by the oustomer at the time gas connection ill
made, except that owners of the property served by said meter shall nat.
be required to make such deposit.

1-305. SlMAGE DISPOSAL RATES. -Rates and charges shall be collected tor
the use of aOO the service rondered by said sewage works, from the owners
ot eaoh and every lot, paroel or real estate, or building that is oonnected
with and uses such works by or through any part of the sewage system of
the City of Linton, or that in any way uses or is served by such works,
which rates and chargee shall be payable as hereinafter provided and shall
be in an amount determinable as follo\'/S:

(a) Such rates aOO charges shall be based on the quantity of water used
on or in the property or premises subjeot to such rates or charges, a. the
same is measured by the water meter there in use, except ae herein otherwise
(b) The water usage schedule on which the amount of such rates and oharges
shall be determined shall be aa follows:
First: 30,000 gallons ••• 20¢ per 1,000 gallons.
Next: 90,000 gallons ••• l5¢ per 1,000 gallons.
Next: 180,000 gallons ... 12¢ per 1,000 gallons.
Allover 300,000 gallons ••• 10¢ per 1,000 gallons.


(c) The min~ rate or charge on a volume basis for any service where the
water user is a metered water cminimum rate or charge on a volume basis for any service Where the user is
not a metered water consumer, shall be $1.00 per month.
(d) Water which is used in process of manufacture or for any other purpose,
which does not discharge into the sanitary sewers shall be exempted provided.
however, that the property owner Shall install the neoessary meters to
indicate the amount of water used which does not discharge into the sanitary

(e) In the event a lot, parcel of real estate, or building discharging
sanitary sewage, water or other liquids into the sanitary sewer system of
the City, either directly or indireotly, i8 not a user of water obtained
from the public water supply, and the water used thereon or therein is not
measured by a meter aoceptable to the City, then the amount of water used
~hall be otherwise measured and determined by the City in order to determine
the rate or oharge provided for in this ordinance, or the owner or other
interested party, at his expense, may install and maintain a meter acoeptable
to the City for said purpose.
(f) In the event a lot, paroel of real eetate or building disoharges
sewage in the form of indl~trial waste either directly or indireotly into
the City's sanitary system, and then City finds it is not praotioable to
attempt to measure such wastes by water usage or meter, it shall measure
the same in such manner and by such method as it may find practicable in
the light of the conditions and attendant circumstances of the c",e, in
order to determine the rate or charge according to the corresponding rate.
provided in this ordinance.
(g) In order that the rates am charges may be justly and equitably adjusted
to the services rendered, the City shall have the right to base it.
charges not only on volume but alBa on the strength and character of the
sewage and waste which it is required to treat and dispose of. The City
shall have ~he right to measure and determine the strength of all sewage
and wastes discharges, either directly or indirectly, into the City's'
sanitary sewage system, in such manner and by such method as it may find
practicable, in the light of the conditions and attending circumstancee
of the case, in order to determine the proper charge.
(h) For the service rendered to the City of Linton, said City shall be
subject to the lIame rates and charges hereinabove provided for, or to
charges and rates established in harmony therewith.
1-306. -BILLED MON'l'I!LY. -Such rates and charges shall be billed monthly,
and shall be due and payable on or before the 16th day of the O&1endar month
next succeeding the day of billing) provided, however, that the firat billing
may be for a period of more or less than a full month in order to make the
monthly collection periods corre_pond with the meter readinge of the publio
water supply, depending on the date on Which the sewage works are placed in


1-307. -PLRSONS BILLED. -The rates and charges may be billed to the
tenant or tenants occupying the properties served, unless otherwise
requested in writing by the owners, but such billing shall in no wise
relieve the ovmer from liability in the event payment is not made a6 her...
in required. The owners of properties served which are occup~ed u.r
tenants shall have the right to examine the collection records of the City
for the purpose of determining whether such rates and charges have been
paid by such tenants, provided that 8Uch examination shall be made at the
office at which said records are kept and during the hours that such office
is open for business.

charges fixed herein shall be extended to and cover any additional premises
hereafter served, without the necessity of any hearing or notic.. If any
service rate or charge hereby established shall not be paid within thirty

(30) days after the same is due, a statement therefor shall be placed in
the hands of t he City Attorney, and it shall be the duty of the City Attorney
to institute a civil action in the name of the City to recover the amount
thereof, together with a penalty of ten per cent (10%) and a reasonable
attorney's fee, as provided by statute.




2-101. Animals -Hitching to Fountain.
2-102. ---Speed limit.
2-103. Dogs --Hydrophobia.
2-104. ---Duty to Kill.
2-105. Fowls or Poultry.
2-106. Hogs.
2-199. Penalty.

2-101. ANIMALS -HITCHING TO FOUNTAIN. -It shall be unlawful for any
person or persons, firm or corporation to hitch, fasten, or tie any
horse, mare, mule or any other animal to any public water fountain in
the City of Linton.

2-102. ---SPEED LIMIT. -It shall be unlawful for any person to ride
or drive any horse, mare, mule, or ass along or upon any street or
highway within the limits of this City at a greater rate of speed than

eight mile. per hour, provided that nothing herein shall be so construed
as to apply to cases of emergency.

2-103. DOGS -HYDROPHOBIA. -Wheneyer the Mayor of said City may apprehend
that there is danger of the existence or spread of hydrophobia within or
near said City, he may issue a proclamation ordering and requiring all
persons owning, poslessing or harboring or baving the care of any dog or
bitch or any animal of the dog kind, either to confine or muzzle sucb
animal for a term of not less than tbirty nor more than sixty days
ensuing of sucb proclamation. It shall be tbe duty of all persons o.nJing,
possessing, harboring, or having tbe care and control of any animal of
the dog kind during the period of time specified in sucb proclamation to
confine such animals securely in or to bis or ber house, outhouse, store
house, or premises so as to prevent such animals from biting any otber
animal or being bitten tbereby, or to cause such animals to be securely
and effectually muzzled in sucb a way and manner as to make it impossible
for such animals to bite any person or any animal and no muzzle shall be
lawful under this section unless it be of sucb a form, material and strength
and so attacbed and fastened as to effectually prevent sucb animal from
biting, and any animal of tbe dog kind wbich may be found funning at large
witbin the City witbout being muzzled during tbe time specified in sucb
proclamation, is bereby declared a nuisance and as sucb, it shall be
lawful to kill tbe same. It sball be unlawful for any perlon owning,
possessing or barboring or baving tbe care and control of any animal of
the dog kind to fail or refuse to muzzle or confine the same as herein
required, during the time specified by the Mayor in sucb proclamation and
upon conviction thereof before the Mayor, shall be deemed guilty of
violating tbis chapter. Tbe proclamation of tbe Mayor provided berein Shall
be published in one issue of one of the newspapers published in the City and
printed copy thereof, of said proclamation sball be posted by the Chief of
Police in at least tbree public places in each of the wards of tbe said City
of Linton.


2-104. ---DUlY TO KILL. -Upon the lssuing and publishing of such proclamation
of the Mayor as provided for in this chapter it shall be the duty
of the police of said City, to kill any animal of the dog kind found running
at large within the City limits, during the time specified in such proclamation
without being securely and effectually muzzled as required by the
section 103 of this chapter, and it shall be lawful for any perlon or persons
to kill any and all animals of the dog kind which are running at large
unmuzzled during such time.

2-105. FOWLS OR POULlRY. -It shall be unlawful for the owner, possessor or
keeper of fowls and poultry of any kind to allow, or suffer the same
to go or be upon the premises of any other person, persons or corporation,
within the corporate Ii_its of the City of Linton, in the County of Greene
and State of Indiana; and it shall be the duty of every sucb owner,
possessor or keeper, of any fowls or poultry in said City to keep the same
securely upon their own premises.
Provided that nothing herein shall prevent the taking of fowls or poultry
to market for the purpose of sale, or to poultry shows and fairs for tbe
pu»pose of exhibition.

2-106. DOGS. -It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to keep,
own, or barbor any hog or hogs within the corporate limits of tbis City,
during the months or any part thereof of April, May, June, July, August.
September or October, in any year; provided. bowever, that nothing in
any part of this section shall be so construed as to interfere with or
prevent the moving of hog or hogs through or into said City in transit
or to market or prevent or interfere with the penning of a hog or hogs
in any stockyard or stockyards of any railway company or companies, in
this City for a reasonable time preparatory to the shipment of the same
over tbe tract or tracks of said company, but in no case shall reasonable
length of time as heretofore referred to be so construed as to include a
greater length of time than twenty-four hours.
Nothing in the foregOing part of this section shall be so construed as to
prevent any person owning by himself or jointly with others, five acres
or more of land set apart and used for farm or pasture purposes from
keeping not to exceed twenty hogs on such pasture or farm land.

2-199. PENALTY. -Any person violating any of the provisions of this
chapter shall. upon conviction, be fined in any sum not le5s than one
dollar ($1.00) nor more than twenty-five dollars ($25.00) together
with costs of prosecution. Eacb and every day that luch violation shall
oontinue shall constitute a separate offense.


3-101. Conformity to Code.
3-102. Fire Limite.
3-103. Exterior \lal19 -Construction.
3-104. Frame Dwellings -Repaired or Altered.
3-105. Roofs.
3-106. stairs of I'lood.
3-107. Temporary Sheds.
3-108. Appendages above the First Story.
3-109. Cornices.
3-110. Chimneys, Flues, Smoke Stacks -Specifications.
3-lll. Fire Escapee.
3-199. Penalty.

3-101. CONFORHITY TO CODE. -No building already ereoted, or hereafter
built shall be raised or built upon in any manner so that were suoh buildings
wholly built or constructed, it would be a violation of any provision of
this code.

3-102. FIRE LIMITS. -The fire limits of the City of Linton shall be and
include the territory bounded and described as follows:
Beginning at the interseotion of First street east and B Street north,
running thence west along the center of B Street to the interseotion of
First Street westJ thence south along the center of First Street west to
the intersection of C Street south; thenoe east along the oenter of C street
south to its intersections with First street east thence north along the
oenter of First Street east to the place of beginning. Beginning at the
center of the intersection of First street east with the alley running east
and wel!lt between "A" street north and Vincennes Street, and funning thence
east along the oenter of said alley to the center of east Third Street,
thence north along the center of east Third street to the center of "A"
street north, thence west along the center of "A" street north to the oenter
of First street east, thence south along the center of First street eal!lt
to the place of beginning.

3-103. E.XTERIOR HALLS -CONSTRUCTION. -The walls of every building hereafter
erected or enlarged within the fiN limits, except a8 hereinafter
provided, shall be built of brick, atone, iron, or any other incombustible
material, except ~ permission granted b.Y the Common Council by a resolution.

3-104. FRJU.!E DI'lELLThGS -REPAIRED OR ALTERED. -It shall be unlawful to
repair or alter any frame dwelling within the fire limits of the City of
Linton if in the opinion of the Inspector of Buildings such dwelling has
been damaged fran any cause to the extent of sixty per cent of the coat of
a similar building, and any· such dwelling shall be torn down and removed,
if in a dangerous condition, when so ordered b.Y the Inspector of Buildings.
Repairs on frame buildinglj within the fire limits may be made involving the
Bubstitution of material or work made necessary by ordinary wear and tear,
but no alteration or change in plan or size of such structure shall be made
or other changes, which may involve the use or uses other than that for
which the structure was originally intended.


3-105. ROOFS. -The weather covering of all roofs, cornices, gutters, eaves,

and parapets, within the fire limits shall be made of incombustible materia18.

No uncovered tar, tar paper, composition rosin, felt, or wood work shall in

any ~/ay be exposed on any roof or its appendage. Every composition roof of

whatever kind shall be protected with a permanent covering of some fireproof

material, such as gravel, crushed granite or slag subject to the approval

of the Inspector of Buildings, provided, however, t hat for the purpose of

a photographer's printing roam or a roof extension of an elevator shaft,

a frame addition properly supported and over ten (10) feet high may be

erected on the roof of any building, the sides and roof of such addition

to be erected ~tith fireproof material and its total floor area not to

exoeee twelve and one-half (12~) per cent of t he area of the roof on which

it is erected.

3-106. STAIRS OF WOOD . -Outside stairs constructed of wood and in a sub

stantial manner, if appr oved by the Building Inspector may be erected in

connection of porches in the rear of flat buildings and dwellings within

the fire limits.

3-107. TEl-lPffiARY SHEDS. -Temporary one-story sheds may be erected within

the fire limits, for the use of builders adjacent to buildings in course

of erection, but shall be demolished or removed upon the completion of said


3-10a. APPiJIIDAGRl ABOVE THg FIRST STORY. -Appenda~es to any business

building above tne first story and above thirty (30) feet from grade of

sidewalk on any other building, if not wholly of incombustible material,

shall be enveloped with metal. Dormer windon, cornices, mouldings, bal

conies, bay-windows, towere, spires, ventilatQrs, etc., shall be considered

as appendages.

3-109. CORNICES. -Incombustible cornices shall be well secured to walli

by brackets, and in all cases shall be carried up to the planking of the
roof behind the cornice, and where the cornice projects above the root,
the walls shall be behind, carried up to the top of the cornice, and all
exterior wooden cornices in brick, stone, or iron buildings, that shall
hereafter require to be replaced, shall be constructed of 80me non-com

bustible material as required for new buildings.

to erect and maintain any chimney, flue, or smoke stack within the

corporate limits of said City as now established or as they may hereafter be
established, which chimneys, f lues, or smoke staoks do not conform to the
following details and specifications, to-wit:
10 All chimneys shall be built of brick, stone or other incombustible
material, and whether built inside or outside of building or Whether connected
with the same or isolated, shall have the foundations designed and
built in conformity with the provisions relative to foundations or buildings
herein given.

2. All chimneys or flues hereafter built must be lined throughout with
burnt clay flue lining, unless they are built with an a inoh wall on all
four sides.


3. All walls or chimneys and flues shall have a clearanoe of at least
one-halt' (~) inch between flue and flue lining.
4. Smoke pipe holes in chimneys and flues must be at least eighteen (18)
inches between the ceiling of the room in which the hole is cut.
5. r..o c:tdmney or flue shall be leaned more than one-half (~) its width
in any direction.
6. No chimney or flue will be permitted to be turned on its foundation.
7. Chimneys must be started from the ground and no bracket flues shall be
allowed or permitted.
8. EVery chimney not forming a part of a wall shall rest upon the ground
or other sufficient fireproof foundation.
9. All ohimneys or smoke fluee occuring in masonry shall have a wall eight
(8) L~ches thick at the back and when corbeled out shall be supported by
at least five courses of brick, but shall not be oorbeled over a wall more
than one-halt' (~) of the thickness of the wall and if supported by piers,
the same shall start from the foundation on the same face ~tith the chimney
above. All chimneys ocouring in brick walls shall be bonded to the walls
at every fifth course from the bottom to the top in regular bond.
10. Sheet metal 5Illoke fluos enclosed in vent flues are prohibited.
11. All chimneys shall be topped out at least (4) feet above the top of
the roof at the point of contaot, if a flat roof, and at least eight (8)
feet above the eaves of a pitched roof.
12. No Chimney flue shall be less than sixty-four (64) inches in area
when used as a smoke flue.
13. Timber of any kind shall not rest on chimney walls, but in all cases
framing timbers shall be kept at least two (2) inches away from the outer
face of chimney walls; provided that corbeled brick fire stopa shall be
used between chimneys and joist. as in case of walls.
l4. All 8lI1oke flues, stacks or chimneys hereafter erected, having a
sectional area greater than two-hundred (200) square inches and less than
five hundred (500) square inches shall be surrounded with Nall not less
than eight (8) inches thick, and shall comply in all respect to the
requirements of this code relative to flues in brick walls.
15. Smoke flues, chimneys or stacks having a seotional area greater than
five hundred (500) square inches shall have hollow walls in which the
combined thickness of the enclosing walls shall be at least tw-a.?e (12)
inches and the air space between the inner and outer walls shall not be
less than two (2) inohes.
16. For a distance of two teet (2) below the smoke outlet and at least
ten (10) abovs it, such flue chimney or stack shall be lined with fire
bricks laid in fire clay, mortar together with the opening for 5IllOke pipe.
17. The top of all smoke flue., chimneys or stacks Nhich may hereafter
be erected exceeding a sectional area of one hundred and seventy (170)
square inches, shall extend to a height of not less than twelve (12) feet
a.bove the roof of the building. .
18. l'lhere there are other buildings within a radius o£ fifty (50) feet,
any smoke flue l'ihich exceeds five hundred (500) square inches in area
shall be carried to a height sufficient to protect such building from smoke
and gasses or suitable and approved smoke consuming devices may be used
to ssrve the lIame purpose.
19. All flues in party walls shall be kept at least two (2) inches from
the party line of said wall; except joist flues, which shall be separated
by a four (4) inch width of brick work the entire length.


3-111. FIRE ESCAPES. -It is further provided that nothing within this
code shall in any way conflict with the conditions required by general
laws of Indiana, and all fire escapes shall be constructed and maintained
subject to the conditions and speoial requirements as indicated and required
by state laws.

3-199. PENALTY. -The owners of any building designated in this chapter
whether individual, finn or corporation or the lessee or occupant thereof,
or any officer having charge of public property, who neglects or refuses
to comply with any of the provisions of this chapter, shall upon conviction
be fined not exceeding two hundred dollars ($200.00), and be deemed guilty
of a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment for not less than one month
nor more than two months; provided that nothing in this chapter shall
interfere with fire escapes now in use approved by the Building Inspeotor.
Each and every day that such violation shall continue shall constitute a
separate offenee.





Filth, Rubbish Deposited.
Garbage Receptacles -Order to Clean Premises.
Fly -Producing Conditions.
Spitting in Public Places .
SMall Pox -Isolation.
Human Excrement. Deposited.
---Water-flush Toilets -Sanitary Privies.
---Order to Provide Sanitary Privy.
---Construction of Privy.
---Refusal to Obey Order.
Privies -Dilapiated.
Filling Abandoned Vaults.

4-101. FILTH RUBBISH DEPOSITED. -It shall be unlawful for any person or
persons, company or corporation to throw or deposit or suffer to be thrown
or deposited, or suffer or permit any Child, servant, member of the family,
or any other person, under his, her or tbeir control to throw or deposit
any manure, rubbish, old tin cans, boiler, empty cartons, containers,
broken glass or debris of any kind, slop, putrid, or unsound animal or
vegetable matter or any filthy, noisome or unwbolesome liquid or slop, or
substances that are likely to become slop, unwholesome, in or into or upon
any street, lane, alley, sidewalk, gutter, crossing, lot, cellar or roof,
any building premises, or common, and it shall also be unlawful for any
rank weeds to be allowed to grow on any ground within the corporation of
the City of Linton.

including those in hotels, cafes, and restaurants shall be provided with
garbage receptacles and said receptacles shall be made of metal, shall
be tightly covered and emptied frequently to prevent fermentation and bad
odors; the garbage receptacles and vaults shall be emptied, cleaned Bnd
disinfected, and weeds shall be cut and hauled away at any time upon the
written order of the Health Officer; said Officer to fix a reasonable
time limit of not more than five days in hil order when said garbage
receptacle. or vaults shall be emptied, cleaned and disinfected and when
weeds shall be cut and hauled away; and if any owner or lessee, being duly
ordered as herein provided shall fail or refuse to obey said order, it shall
be the duty of the Street Commissioner, upon written notice from the Health
Officer to cause the garbage receptacles or vaults to be cleaned and di.infected
and any weeds cut and hauled away, and said Commissioner .hall keep
an accurate account of the expenses thorof, which shall be paid from the
City Trea.ury upon the sworn voucher of the Commissioner, and said expense
shall be a lien upon the property and collected by law and turned into the
City Treasury.


4-103. SCAVENGERS. -It shall be unlawful to fill up old privy vaults or
sinks without first eaptying the same. All vebicles or conveyance. used
to carry away filtb and garbage and used by scavengers in their work
shall be water tigbt and air tight and shall be provided with cover with
wbich to prevent tbe eGcape of any of the substances therein carried and
conveyed and at all times while in use shall be tightly and securely
covered to prevent the escape of foul, offensive and noisome odors and t.e

outside of the same shall be kept clean and free, at all times from the

substances which are carried and have been carried on the inside tbereof.

4-104. FLY -PRODOCING CON>ITIONS. -It sball be unlawful for any person.
firm or corporation to suffer or permit or have upon their premise.,
whether owned or leased by them, anyone or more of the following insanitary
fly-producing, disease-causing conditions, to-wit:

1. Aaimal manure in any quantity whicb is not securely protected from
2. Privies, vaults, cess pools, pits, or like places which are not
securely protected from flies.
3. Garbage in any quantities which is not securely protected from flie••
4. Trash, litter, rags, tin cans, containers or anything whatsoever in
which flies may breed or multiply.
4-105. SPITTING IN PUBLIC PLACES. -It shall be unlawful for any person
to spit upon any sidewalk within the limits of the City of Linton, or upon
the floor, steps or entrance of any public building within said City, or
upon the floor or platform of any railroad station therein.

4-106. SMALL POX -ISOLATION. -In ease of small pox it shall be the duty
of the City Health Officer to isolate the patient in the house in which he
or she is found, or in case this is not practicable, In an isolation
hospital established by the City Council, and where the patient is unable
to compensate the physicial or nurse, or provide all necessary attendance
or food, the expenses, and those who have been exposed to small pox shall
be vaccinated and disinfected in body and in apparel and given their
freedom for ten days, provided they will faithfully promi.e to report to
the City Health Officer at the end of ten days from t.e first exposure,
to be placed in quarantine until fifteen days frcm the first exposure have
elapsed, or until luch time as the Health Officer may designate.

4-107. IlUMAN EJlt:REMENl', DEPOSITED. -It shell be unlawful for any person,

persons, firm, or corpcration, to place or deposit any human excrement upon
the premises in any insanitary manner, or to erect, construct, maintain or
pe~it, upon their premises, privies, vaults, cesspools, pits, or like
places, which are insanitary, or which are foul or malodorous; and such
condition shall be deemed to constitut.e a public nuisance.

4.·108. -WATER-FLUSII TOHErS -SANITARY PRIVIES. -Every inhabitable
dwelling, business house, boarding house, lodging house, eating place,
tenement, shop, factory, public hall, place of amusement, and public
buildings, in the City of Linton, Indiana, shall be provided with sanitary
inside or outside water-flush toilet; except that where sewers are not
available, sanitary privy, or privies shall be provided. For the purpose
of thb chapter a sanitary privy shall be deemed to be a privy so constructed
and maintained: (1) that flies, insects, rats or small domestic
animals cannot gain access to the waste materials; (2) that the surface
or ground water cannot enter the pit or vault, (3) sc located that waste
material in the privy cannot contaminate a water supply by underground or
surface drainage.


4-109. _ ORDER TO PROVIDE SA.NlTARY PRIVY. -Within a period of ten days

after receiving an official order, in writing, from the Secretary of the

Board of Health, it shall be the duty of thw Owner of the premises to

provide said sanitary privy or privies which in their opinion shall co.ply

with the requirements of a sanitary privy as defined in Section 108 above.

Such official notice shall be served upon the tenant and owner, or upon

the owner's rental agent for the premises, but may be served upon any

person who may have by contract with the owner assumed tbe duty of doing

those things which the order may specify.

4-110. -CONSTRUCTION OF PRIVY. -It sball be the duty of a occupany or

the owner of the premises to erect and maintain said privy in accordance

with the rules and regulations prescribed by the Indiana Division of Public


4-111. -REFUSAL TO OBEY ORDER. -Upon refusal or neglect of any owner,

agent, person, firm or corporation having ownersbip, lease, rental, or

control over any property, either in full, or part, to obey said order

then the City Attorney of the City of Linton, Greene County, Indiana, upon
receiving the information from said Secretary of the Board of Health shall
attend to all legal proceedings for the enforcement pursuant to the terms

of this chapter.

4-112. PRIVIES -DILAPIATED. -It shall be unlawful for insanitary privies
to be or exist within the corporation boundaries of the City of Linton, and
an insanitary privy is defined to be a privy that is dilapiated, unsigbtly,
out of repair, malodorous, not effectively screened against flies, not rat
proof, which mayor does pollute the ground or the air and which is not so
situated and oonstruoted tbat it can be easily cleaned and disinfected.

4-113. FILLING AQANDONED VAULTS. -It shall be unlawful for any person,
company, firm or oorporation to fill up an abandoned privy vault, or pitwithout first oleaning the same to the bottom and treating liberally with
qu~ck lime or otber disinfectant approved by the City Health Officer, and
all privy vault contents bere designated nigbt-soil, shall be transported
to a place wbere said night-soil can not become a nuisance and buried in
the ground, or it may be cremated or made into compost.

4-199. PENALTY. -Any person violating any of the prOVisions of tbis chapter
shall, upon conviction, be fined in any sum not less tban two dollars ($2.00)
nor more than one bundred dollars ($100.00) together witb the costs of
prosecution and to wbicb may be added imprisonment to exceed ten (10) days.







IUnerant Merchant or Jolicitor -licenlle.



----Bond -Fee.


----Order in "riting.

Itinerant Physician, Dentist, Vendor of Medicine -License.

Junk Dealer -License.


----necord of Purchases and Sales.
----Recorn Examined.
----Unlawful Purchase.

Hinature Golf Courses -License Fee.


----Starting Golf Course.

----Payment in Advance.

----People Congregating -Hours.

Hiscellaneou8 Licenses.


Open Air Theater -license.

-Fees .

Plumbers Lioense.


----Petition -Bond.

----Bond -Renewal.

----General Provisions.

Transient Photographer -License.



\iholesale Peddler -License.


----Application -Fee.

----Issuance -Transferable.
Building Permit.




House Hoving -Permit.


Plumbing or sewer Connections -Permit.


----Plans .

----Bxperienoed Plumber.

----'raking up :::treet.

Trenches -Permits.
street Excavation Permit.


5-101. ITINERANT MillCHANT OR SOLICITOR -LICENSE. -It shall be unlawful
for any person, firm or corporation to engage in the business of itinerant
merchant or in the business of solicitor as defined by this chapter, within
the City of Linton, Indiana, until the provisions of this chapter have
been complied with.

5-102. -DEFINITIONS. -The term "Itinerant llerchant" is hereby defined
to be any transient person who shall engage temporarily in the making or
selling of any kind of goods, waree, or merchandiee within said City of
Linton, regardless of whether such goods, wares, or merchandise are peddled
from houae to houae, sold upon the streets or other public places, or sold
from any room, building, structure or lot rented or leased for the purpose
of carrying on such businees.
A "Solicitor" is hereby defined to be any person who goes from house to
house or from place to place in the said City of Linton, selling or taking
orders for, or offering to sell or take ordere for goode, wares, or merchandise
or any article for future delivery.

5-103. --APPLICABILITY. -The provisions of these sections shall not
apply to sales to dealers by commeroial travelers, nor to sales by produoers
or farm or dairy products, nor to merchants or solicitors who are
bona fide residents of Linton, nor to soldiers or sailors and their
families now exempted by law.

5-104. -OOND -FEE. -Any person, firm or corporation desiring to engage
in the business of itinerant merchant, as herein defined within said City,
shall make an application in writing to the Clerk of said City, for a
license so to do, which applioation shall be filed with said Clerk at least
seven days befoN such applicant shall be authorized to begin such business.
Such application shall state the name and residence of the applicant, the
place h'here such business is to be conducted, the kind of goods to be sold
and the length of time for whioh license is deSired. Such application shall
be acoompanied by a bond in the pen&l sum of five hundred dollars (~5OO.00).
exeouted by a surety c~~pany or two responsible freeholders residing within
the City of Linton, or in lieu thereof a cash bond of equal amount, conditioned
that all goods, wares, merohandie. or articles sold by such applicant will .
be represented by him and that he will refund the purahase price of any goods,
waree, merchandise or articles sold by him which are not as represented.
Any person aggrieved by the action of any such itinerant merchant shall
have the right of action on the bond for the recovery of money or damagee or
both. In the event a cash bond is deposited, the same shall be retained
by said City for ninety (90) days after the expiration of any such licenee.
Upon the filing of such application and bond, and the approval of suoh bond
by the Clerk of said City, a license shall be issued by the Clerk of eaid
City, to such applicant to begin business not less than seven daye after
the date of filing such applioation and bond, upon the payment of the
following feea: For one day fifteen dollars (J15.oo); for one week, fifty
dollars ($50.00) for one month two hundred dollars ($200.00). All suoh
lioense fees must be paid in advance and if any such licensee deeires to
continue in business after the expiration of such license, a new license
must be seoured in the same manner and upon the same terms as the original



Any person exempted by the laws of this state, fran the payment of said
license fees shall, before beginning such business, present to the Clerk
of said oity his credentials showing that he is entitled to such exemption,
and shall execute and file a bond as above provided, and upon the approval
of said bond he shall then receive a certificate fran said City Clerk
authorizing him to engage in the business of itinerant merchant within
the City of Linton, for any period not longer than one month. If at the
end of a month such person desires to continue in such business, another
certificate must be procured from said City Clerk.

5-105. --BOND. -Any person deSiring to engage in the business of
solicitor as defined in this chapter, within the City of Linton, for any
period, shall before engaging in said business, file with the clerk of
said city an application containing his name and address the firm or
corporation which he represents am the kind of goods to be offered for
sale, am the length of time during which he desires to engage in such
business. Such application shall be accompanied by a bond in the penal
sum of five hundred dollars ($500.00) executed b.Y a surety company or
by two responsible free holders residing in the City of Linton, or in
lieu of a cash bond of equal amount, conditioned upon the making of a
final delivery of the goods ordered in accordance with the terms of such
order, or failing therein that the advance payment on such order be
refunded. Any person aggrieved by the action of any such solicitor shall
have a right of action on the bond for the reoovery of money or damages
or both. In the event a cash bond is deposited such deposit shall be retained
by the City of Linton for a period of ninety (90) days after the expiration
of the time such solicitor is authorized to engage in such business. Upon
the filing of such statement and bond, and the approval of said bond by
the City Clerk, said City Clerk shall issue to such applicant a certificate
authorizing him to engage in the business of solicitor within said City
during the time requested in said application.

5-106. --ORDm IN I'mrrING . -All orders taken by solicitors in the City
of Linton, shall be in writing, in duplicates, stating the terms thereof
and the amount paid in advance, and one copy of such order shall be given
to the purchaser.

shall be unlawful for any person, or corporation to practice as an itinerant
physician or dentist within the corporation limits of said City or to
engage as an itinerant vendor of medicines or remedy before any public
audience in said City, without having first prdoured from said City a
license so to do, and have paid to said City such license the sum of money
hereinafter set out, all in accordanoe with the conditions hereinafter
set out.

5-108. --FEES. -Any person, firm or corporation desiring a license to
do anything above set out, shall make application to the City Clerk for
such license and shall pay to said Clerk the sum of five ($5.00) dollars
for each day where the license is taken out by the day, or twenty-five
(~5.00) dollars for each week, when the license is taken out by the week,
and fifty ('~50.00) dollars for each month where the license is taken out
by the month.


5-109. JUNK DEALER -LICENSE. -No person or persons, finn, partnership or

corporation shall carryon the business of junk dealer within the City of

Linton, without first having obtained a license to do so as hereinafter


5-110. -DEFINrrION. -Any person, firm, partnership or corporation who

keeps a place of business for the purchase or sale of junk, old rag., old

canvas, old rope, old papers, or the like, shall be deemed a junk dealer.

5-111. -FEL. -Any person, firm, partnership or corporation desiring to

deal in junk, shall first pay into the City Treasury the SUlll of three

hundred dollars (~300.00) as a license fee therefor, and shall file an

application in writing, signed qy the applicant, particularly, describing

the place where said business is to be carried on, and giving the full

name of the person or persons, firm or corporation making the application.

5-112. -ISSU1INCE. -It shall be the duty of the City Clerk, whenever

such receipt and application shall be filed ~tith him, as above provided,

to issue a license to such applicant or applicants, for the period of one

year from the date of issuing the same, to carry on the business in the

place specified in such application; which license shall not be transferable.

The Clerk shall receive out of the Treasury, the sum of one dollar for

i ssuing such license.

5-113. -RECORD OF PURCHASl'S AND SALili. -Every junk dealer shall keep at
his place of business substantial and well bound books in which shall be
enhred in writing with ink, which writing shall at all times be kept plain
and legible, a minute description of all property received in purchase, the
date on which it was received, and particularly mentioning any prominent or
descriptive marks that may be on any-such property, together with the name,
age and residence of the person or persons by whom it was sold j which book
shall be kept clean and legible, and no entry therein shall be blurred or
obliterated or defaced. Lvery junk dealer, at the ttne of making the purchase,
shall deliver to the person from ~ihom he obtains the property, a written
memorandum signed by himself, containing the substance of the entry made in
the book aforesaido

5-114. -RECORD ElCAMINffi . -Every junk dealer shall during the regular
hours of bus~ess, submit and exhibit the book as provided in section 113
above, to the Hayer or any police officer of the City.

5-115. -UNL4l'WUL PURCHASl.. -No person, persons, partnership, firm or

corporation licensed under this chapter shall receive by way of purchase

or otherwise, any property whatever from a minor under the age of twenty-one
years, at any time, without the consent of the parents or guardian of
such minor, nor from any person between the hours of eight o' clock r.Y.
and seven o'clock A.l-'., nor at any time from any intoxicated person} nor
from any person kno>m to the purchaser to be a thief, or to have been
convicted of burglary or larceny.

5-116. MINATURE GOLF COURSE -LICJ:Jminature golf courses in t he City of Linton, Indiana, shall be eight ($8.00)
per month while in operation.


5-117. -PAYl>0'JT. -The license fee p%'ovided in section 116 shall be
paid to the Clerk of said City on the first of each and every month in

5-118. STARTlNG GOLF' COURSE. -If any person, firm or corporation shall
commence the business of operating any such golf course within said City
during anyone month, the license fee shall be paid in advance for the
remaining proportional part of said month.

5-119. -PAYMENT IN ADVANCE. -It shall be unlawful for any person, firm
or corporation to operate any public miniature golf course without having
first paid in advance for such privilege, the fees prescribed in this chapter,
and anyone failing to pay such fee in advance shall upon conviction, be
deemed guilty of violating this chapter.

5-120. -PEOPLE CONGREGATlNG -HOURS. -It shall be unlawful for any person,
firm or corporation to operate such miniature golf course or to allow persons
to congregate or loiter in and about the same before seven o'clock A.M. and .
after eleven o'clock P.M., each violation of this provision, upon conviction,
shall be deemed a violation of this chapter.

5-121. MISCELLANEOUS LICENSES. -It shall be unlawful for any person, or
persons, corporation or company, without having procured and taken out a city
license to directly or indirectly, run, operate, perform, show, exhibit
or do, within the corporate limite of this City, any of the following things
for hire, profit, or gain to-witt
To exhibit or operate any Graph-phone, Phonograph, Zonophone, or any other
instrument to conduct any theatrical performance; to give acrobatic or
gymnastic performance or entertainment, to give a musical or lecture ente~
tainment; to conduct any circus, menagerie or trained animal show, side
show, or any show under tent or canvas; to give any legerdemain, ventriloquist
hypnotiQ or magic lantern exhibition or entertainment; to exhibit
any natural or artificial curiosities or work of science, art, nature, or
skill, or erect or maintain any kniferack, cane rack, doll rack, bowling
alley, billiard table, pool table, shooting gallery, or engage in any or
become employed in the work of art, science or profession, of a street
fakir, hawker, auctioneer or salesman, at public outcry.

5-1:22. -FEES. -It sha,ll be the duty-of the City Clerk of thia City· to
issue a license to any person, persons, corporation, or company to do,
transact, exhibit or perform any of these things mentioned in eeotion 121
of this chapter upon the payment of the license fee named and speCified in
the followi:D& schedule to-wit:

1. Eaoh exhibition or entertainment with phonograph, graphophone, or
zonophone, per day, ·three dollars (~3.oo). Any and all other talking or
musical instruments, per day, three dollars ($3.00).
2. Theatrical performancea or entertainmenta under tent, five dollars
($5.00) per day or fifteen dollars ($15.00) per week.
3. Theatrical performances in opera house, per day two dollars ($2.00)
or ten dollars ($10.00) per week.
4. Aarobatic or gymnastic performances or entertainments, five dollars
($5.00) per day-.
5. l~oving pictures >Tithout vaudeville, fifty dollars ($50.00) per y-ear.
Hoving Pictures with vaudeville, Sixty-five dollars ($65.00) per year.


6. Carnivals, including all conceesions, one HWldred Dollars (t'lOO.OO)
per week.
7. Musical or lecture entertainments, five dollars ($5.00) per day.
8. Circus or menagerie show, traveling by railway or truck, thirty dollars
($30.00) per day.
9. Trained animal show, fifteen dollars (315.00) per day.
10. Any show Wlder tent or canvas not above mentioned five dollars ($5.00)
per day or fifteen dollars ($15.00) per week.
11. Legerdemain, two dollars ($2.00) for eaoh performanoe or entertainment.
1.2. Ventriloquist, two dollars (:,2.00) for each' performanoe or entertainment.
13. Hypnotio performance or entertainment, each, two dollars ~.OO).
14. Moving pioture or magic lante~! for each aKhibition or entertainment,
two dollars ($2.00) per daYJ two do~ars and fifty cents ( 2.50) per weekJ
ten dollars ($10.00) per monthJ twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per six months
and fifty dollars ($50.00) per year.
15. Natural ouriosities, for each exhibition, five dollars (~5.00).
16. Artifioial curiosities, for eaoh exhibition, five dollare ($5.00).
17. Work of science, exhibition of, two dollars (1,2.00) per day.
18. Work of art, exhibition of, two dollars ($02.00) per da;r.
19. Hork of skill, exhibition of , two dollars (~.OO) per day.
20. Doll rack, two dollars ($2.00) per day.
21. Cane raek, two dollars ($2.00) per day.
22. Knit. rack, t '"o dollars ($2.00) per day.
23. Bowling alley or box alley, ten dollars per year for eaoh Alley.
24. street fakir, in or with wagon, five dollars ($5.00) per day.
25. street fakir, on foot, three dollars ($3.00) per day.
26. To sell at publio outcry anymedioine, remediee, goods, wares, or
ohattels, five dollars ($5.00) per day.
27. Pool tables, per year, five dollars ($5.00) for eaoh table used.
28. Billlard tables, per year, five dollars ('$5.00) for eaoh table used.
29. To sell at publlc auction any goods, wares, chattels, remedies or
medioines, ten dollars (SlO.OO) per day.
30. Shootinl( gallery, one dollar ($1.00) per day; four dollars (~.OO)
per week; seven dollars and fifty cents ($7.50) per monthJ fifteen dollars
(315.00) for three monthsJ twent;r*two dollars ($22.00) for six months and
thirty dollars ($30.00) per year.
31. Skating rink, fifty cents (50;) per daYJ three dollars ($3.00) per weekJ
five dollars ($5.00) per month; ten dollars ($10.00) for three months,
fifteen dollars (&15.00) for six monthsl and twenty-five dollars (~5.00)
per year.
Provided, however, that nothing in the foregOing sections shall be oonstrued
so as to hinder or prevent any person or persons or corporation from doing
exhibiting or performing anything mentioned therein in said foregoing sectiana
for charitable purposes, or for the benefits of any churoh or churches or
public sohools, of t he City of Linton, nor shall it be so construed as to
interfere with, hinder or prevent any sale,' or other thing, the same being
the order or decree of any court of reeord of this state or of the United
~~ate8, nor shall it prevent any person, persons, oorporation or company
from marketing their own products.


5-123. OPf}.I AIR THEAT-"R -LICdlSE. -It shall be Wllawful for any pereon,

persons, corporation or company, without having procured and taken out a

City lioense to directl,y or indirectly run, operate, 6how, exhibit or do

within the corporate limits of the said City the following to-wit: To

operate or conduct any airdrome theatrical perforrJance or any airdrome

theater, or any other opon air theatrical performance.

5-124. -FElli. -It shall be the duty of the City Clerk to j.ssue a license
to any person, persons, corporation or company to operate and conduct the
said airdrome or open air theatrical performance or theater upon the p~ent
of the following license fees to-wit:
Each exhibition or performance two ( }2.00) dollars per day, ten (10,00)
dollars per week; one hundred dollars ( ' 100.00) per six (6) months, and one
hundred fifty (,;150.00) per year.

5-125. PLU'l'iBEnS 1ICJIS:C:. -Any person desiring to be a plumber or to do

plUl!1blng, including heating of every kind including I'later, air or gas, in

the City of Linton, Indiana, shall first secure a license from the Conunon

Council of the City of Linton, Indiana, and pass an examination as to hie

competency. Said examination to be given by an Gxamlnation Board of

Licensed Plumbers and Heaters, which said Board shall consist of a Super

intendent of the I'later ,Iorks, the Street Commissioner and one licensed

plwnber of the City of Linton to be appointed by the City Council.

5-126. -f·Ei~. -,"very person appl,ying for license as plumber shall first

pay a fee of twenty-five dollars 025.00) which shall be in full of all

fees due the City for said license so as said license is unrevoked.

5-127. -PL1'ITION -BalD . -Any person, firm or corporation desiring to
do bu~iness as a plumber or plumbers in connection with the sanitary sewer
systell, or to ;,iSke any cormection to said syetom, shall file in the office
of the City Clerk s petition givin8 the name of the individual, finn and
place of business and give satisfactory evidence that the applicant is a
citizen of the United 3tates and declares t hat he will be governed in all
respects by the rules and regulations which are or may be adopted by the
Comnon Council; t ilat he will pay all fines and penalties imposed upon him
for violations of any of said rules and regulations. The petition must
be verified by t he oath of the petitioner and recommended by two responsible
citizens of the City of Linton . &ch applicant for license shall exeoute
and deposit in the office of the City Clerk, with his application a bond,
with two or more resident sureties or responsible surety companies, to be
approved by said Common Cowlcil, in the sum of five thousand dollars
( )5,000.00) conditioned that he will indemnify and save harmless the City
of Linton from all accidents and damages caused by any negligence in
protecting his work, or by any unfaithful, imperfect or inadequate work
done by virtue of his license.

5-12S. -OOND -'Wfl:l'/Al.. -Plumbers will be required to have their bond
rel,ewed on or before the 1st of January of each year, otheNise the license
will become inoperative.


5-129. -GElHRAL PROVISIONS. -On receiving hie license he .hall

have recorded in the office of the City Clerk his actual place of

business, the name under which the business is transacted, and shall

immediately notify the City of any change thereafter of either. No

license will be granted for more than one year, and if at any time the

Common Council shall so require, the said applicant shall furnish add

itional or other sureties to the said bond, or furnish a new bond. Re

moval of resident from said City shall act as forfeiture of license. A

license cannot be transferred.

5-lJO. TRANSIElIT PHOTOGHAPHElt -LICJ'lJSE. -No person shall set upon the

street or in the public places of said City any apparatus, tent or tem

porary room or place containing portable photograph gallery for the

taking of pictures of persons, or shall operate any portable photograph

apparatus in said City for the purpose of taking and making for sale or

hire views of the interiors or exteriors of buildings, street scenes or

piotures of homes, without first having obtained a license therefor a8

provided in this chapter.

5-131. -APPLICATION. -Application for liceneee under the proceeding

seotion shall be made t o the City Clerk, and no licenses shall be trans

ferable, and all licenses shall be revocable by the Common Council of said

City by resolution. The amount paid for licenses issued shall be paid to

the City Clerk, and his receipt shall be taken as evidence of the payment

of same.

5-132. -FEES. -The rate of license under these seotions i8 hereby
established at the following sum to-uit: For each portable photograph
gallery and camera outfit to be used upon the streets of said City for
the taking of pictures of persons or scenes where the operator does not
use a tent or gallery in a building or permanent location, but takes,
completes and sells the photographs or pictures upon said street, the sum
of ten dollars (: 10.00) for the first day, and the further sum of four
dollars (~4.00) for each day thereafter.
For each portable photograph or picture gallery installed in a tent,
building or other place where the O\'IJ1er takes, completes or selis the
photographs or pictures in said tent, building or other place and is not
a resident of said City but a trans ient photographer the sum of ten dollar.
($10.00) for the first day and the further sum of four dollars (3/..00) for
each day thereafter.
For transient photographer who canvases the City taking flashlight or
other view of the interior of stores; offices and buildings, and the
exteriors of house and buildings for the purpose of selling the viewB and
scenes so taken, 'mo are not residents of or permanently in the business,
in said City, the sum of fifteen dollars ()15.00) for the first day and
five dollars ( ~5.00) for each day thereafter.

5-133. 1'1II0L.:!SAU PEDDLER -LICl')ISE. -It shall be unlawful for any wholesale
peddler, subject to the exception mention herein, to peddlf, any
commodity or personal property within the City of Linton, unles~ said
wholesale peddler has procured license as hereinafter provided.


5-134. -DEFnnTION. -The term "Wholellale Peddler" as used in these
sections shall be taken to mean any person "Iho travels from place to
place in a vehicle and conducts a business from said vehicle, or has
a stand upon ar~ public street or alley within the corporate limits of
the City of Linton, Indiana, and who sells or offers for sale any commodity
or personal property for the purpose of resale, except, any
gro.ler or producer shall be permitted to dispose of products grown or
produced by him as he shall desire.

5-135. -APPLICATICN -FE..". -kny person desiring a wholesale peddler's
license, shall make written application to the City Clerk-Treasurer, giving
his name, and whether he is to peddle by vehicle or from a stand, and
upon filing said application, said applicant shall pay to said City ClerkTreasurer,
a fee of ten dollars (.~lO.OO) per day for each day said license
is desired.

5-136. -IJ;';UAllC2 -TRAN3FcltABL.:,. -The City Clerk-Treasurer shall furnish
each peddler with a license upon payment of t ile fees as provided for
in gection 135 of this chapter. All such license shall not be transferable.

5-137. BUILDnm pErulrr. -No work or repairs shall be done upon any
structure, building, or shed in the City of Linton, except as hereinafter
mentioned without a permit from the City Clerk. '
Before proceeding vith the erection, enlargement i alteration, repair or .
removal of any building in the City of Linton a permit for such erection,
enlargeLlent , alteration, repair or removal shall first be obtained by the
o'mer or owners or his or their heirs from the City Clerk and it will be
unlawful to comuence or prooeed with the erection, alteration, enlargement,
repair or removal of any building or structural part thereof, within the
City of Linton unless such permit, shall have first been obtained from the
City Clerk. The City Clerk is hereby authorized to issue building permits
only upon the presentation of application properly signed and approved
by the Building L'1spector. These applic:ltions must be returned to the
Inspector after said permits shall have been issued.

5-138. -REVOCATION . -Should the Building Inspector become convinced that
the ,"ork under such permit is not proceeding accordinJ to the detailed
statement, plans and specifications upon which such permit was issued,
but is proceeding in violation of the la~1 or ordinance it shall be his
duty to notify the miner or owners, or his or their agents, in writing,
that the "ork is being constructed in violation of the permit and ordinanoe
and that the same must be immediately rectified to conform with the
building laws. If the olmer or owners, or his or their agents neglect to
comply ,-lith the said laws or fails to make correction it shall be the
further duty of the Building Inspector to revoke said permit, and notice
thereof shall be immediately served upon the miner, agent, superintendent
or contractor in cl1nrgc of the work, and posted on the property. Said
notice shall be in writing, signed by t he Building Inspector, and after
such revocation of permits, any contractor or Iforkman, performing any
work in or about said structure, buildings, or premises, shall be guilty
of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof, shall be deemed guilty of
violating this chapter.

5-139. --LIMIT. -Bvery permit shall be considered canceled if aotive
work, is not commenced within six (6) months of the date of the issue.


5-140. -FiEl. -For new buildings, hollow sidewalks, additions and
underpinnings of old buildings ~tith brick or tile or cement basements
the permit fee shall be one cent for every hundred cubic feet of contents
of such building. The cubic contents to be measured to include nery
part of the building from basement to highest part of roof. Additions
and alterations to such buildings shall figure in the same manner,
provided, however, that no permit fee shall be less than one dollar ($1.00).
Pennits for interior alterations, water tanks on roof, permanent grandstands
to which the one hundred feet rate above mentioned cannot be
properly applied, shall cost fifty cents for wery five hundred dollars
of the cost of the alteration or erection of such building, provided,
hmiever that no permit shall be less than one dollar (~1.00) . Temporary
grand-stands, revieHing stands, platforms and all special temporary
permits, the fees therefor shall be one dollar (~1.00). The fees for
pennits shall be paid to the City Clerk, who shall not issue any permit
until the said fee shall have been paid.

5-141. HOUSE BGVillG -PW!TI'. -No building shall be removed to a new
location within the City limits without a permit be first issued therefor
by the authority of the Connnon Council. The person desiring such removal
shall file with the Building Inspector his written application therefor
setting forth the kind of building to be removed, its original cost, its
dimensions in extreme length, height and width, its present location, and
the particular lot or site to which it is proposed to be moved.

5-142. -BaW. -Said Council as a condition precedent to the issuance
of such permit, shall require a bond to be executed by the parson desiring
such work, with surety to the satisfaction of such Council, which shall
be in terms and for such amount as said Council may prescribe, conditioned
upon the strict conpliance with the terms of said permit as to route to
be taken and l.1mit of time in which to effect such removal, and to repair
or to compensate for the repair, and to pay all damages whatsoever occasioned
by or incident to such removal and to pay to said City of Linton
as liquidated damaged on acoount not exoeeding fifty dollars, ($50.00) to
be prescribed by said Council for each and every day's delay in completing
such removal, or in repairing any damages to property or public improvements
or in clearing public highways of all debris, occasioned thereby. With the
issuance of said pennit the Baid Common Council shall cause written notice
thereof to be given t o superintendent of fire alarm and of telephone,
eleotric light and others whose property may be affected by such removal.
Damages above mentioned relate to shade trecs, pavements, ourbings, and
other property which may in any way be affected by the removal of house or
structures as above desoribed.

5-143. PLUMBll'G m SEdER CONlJECTIONS -PmMlT. -tlo person, firm, or oorporation
shall lay, alter or repair any se~ler, house drain or plumbing work
or make any oonneotions whatever >rith any sewer or drain belonging to the
sanitary seIter system, or do any kind of work connected with the laying of
house sewers or drains, or plumbing or making any repairs addition to or
altering of any sewer or plumbing connected to or designed to be connected
with the sanitary sewer system, unless a permit therefor is first obtained
from the said City of Linton.


5-l44. -APPLICATION. -Applications for permits to connect with the
water line or do plumbing work to be connected therewith, must be made
in writing by the Q',rner of the property, to be connected, or his authorized
agent. 3uch application shall give the precise location of the property,
the name of the owner and the name of the person or firm employed to do
the work, and shall be made on bl.anMs furnished for the purpose. No
permit shall be deemed to authorize anything not stated in the application.
Permits to make connections will be issued only when the plumbing in the
house or building to be connected is in accordance with the rules for
plumbing hereimfter described and has been inspected and approved by the
City Plumbing Inspector or other person appointed by the Council.

5-1.45. -PLANS. -Defore a permit will be issued for doing plumbing
work in a building, or before any additions are made except necessary
repairs, a description of the work to be done must be made in vlI'iting and
of old "iOrk already done signed by a licensed plumber on blanks furnished
for the purpose, shall be filed in the office of the City Clerk, together
with a plan consisting of such floor plans and cross sections as may be
necessary to show clearly all plumbing work to be done, and must show
partitions, position, l5ize and kind of all drains, pipes and traps. Plans
must be drawn to scale in ink on cloth or they must be cloth prints of
such scale drawings.
Description blanks must be filled in with ink naming kind and style of all
fixtures and trape.
All work done under Buch plans shall be subjeot to the inspection of the
City Plumbing Inspector, or someone selected by the Common Council and no
alterations shall be made in plan, or in the work, without a permit in
writing from him.
Repairs or alterations of plumbing may be made without the filing and
approval of the drawings and descriptions in the water department but
said repairs or alterations shall not be construed to include cases where
new lines of soil, waste or vent pipes are proposed to be used.

5-1.46. -DCPERIENCm PLtnmr:R. -110 one shall be given a permit to do any
plumbing in any dvrelling house, store room, or any other building, except,
outside water closets, except an experienced plumber, who shall furnish
satisfactory evidence that he is a master of his trade.

5-1.47. -TAKING UP STlli:r:I'. -In case the permit to be granted require6
the taking up of improved streets, sidewalks, or alleys, the City street
Commissioner, shall prior to the granting of the permit, inspect the street,
sidewalk, or alleys to be taken up and set a price per square yard of
relaying the same, which said amount shall be collected before the permit
to do said work is granted. As soon as said work is completed the person
to whom said permit has been granted will immediately notify the said City
street Commissioner and it is hereby made his duty to relay said street,
sidewalk, or alley, which shall have been disturbed using the funds paid
for said purpose by the person to whom the said permit was granted.

5-148. TRZNCHt;S -POO!ITS. -No perllon or firm shall be allowed to open
any trench in the street or public grounds of the City for the purpose of
laying any se~rer or water pipe without first obtaining a permit in writing
from the City Clerk of said City.

In the opening of a street or public grounds for the introduction of
any 88't/er or water pipe or connection under the authority of a permit
from the City, the owner and plumber will each be held responsible for
the trench opening by them. l-Ihenever any street or public ground is
opened for making any connection with or laying any sewer or water pipe
fixtures, public safety and convenience shall be duly regarded and
conserved by the construction of such bridges across open trenches as
may be required to accommodate business and to insure safety to the public.
Red signal lights and all such other means of protection against accidents
as may be neoessary must be provided.
The plwnber designated and employed by the owner of the premises will be
considered the agent of suoh owner while employed in the prosecution of
"lOrk of introducing the "Jater line into !laid premises and in no sense a8
the agent of the City, neither will the City be responsible for the aots
of such plumber.

5-149. STREBI' EXCAVJ\TIONS -PEmlrr. -No person or persons, firm, or
corporation shall be allowed to dig in any street, alley, or publio
place or in any way injure, disturb or make holes in the surfaoe of
any such street, alley, or public plaoes without first obtaining a permit
so to do from the said Common Council of the said City of Linton.

5-199. PENALTY. -Any person violating any of the provisions of this
chapter shall upon conviotion, be fined in any sum not less than five
dollars ($5.00) nor more than three hundred dollars (J300.00) together
with costs of prosecution and to which may be added imprieonment not to
exoeed ninety (90) days.




6-101. Ashes.
6-102. Burning Rubbish.
6-103. Burning Materials in Streets.
6-104. Curfew _ Children.
6-105. ---Parent or Guardian.
6-106. --Police.
6-107. --Mayor.
6-108. Explosives -Gun Powder.
6-109. ___ Loaded Shells.
6-110. ---Dynamite or Nitr0-9lycerine.
6-111. Loitering.
6-112. -Disperse.
6-113. ---Failure to Di'perse.
6-114. Obey Order of Fire Chief.
6-115. Railroads -Speed of Trains.
6-116. ---Water Ways Kept Unobstructed.
6-117. Utility Pole. -Painted.
6··118. ---Protected.
6-119. ---Duty of Police.
6-120. War Loafer -Defined.
6-121. ---Persons Included -Exception.
6-122. --Suspension of Sentence.
6-123. --Prima Facie Evidence.
6-199. Penalty.

6-101. ASHES. -The occupant. of any building within the fire limits of
said City, shall place all asbes removed froa such buildings in a suitable
metal container and to be tbere kept until removed from the City.

6-102. BURNING RUBBISH. -All papers, rubbish or other combustible matter
burned within the fire limits of said City shall be burned in metal containers
suitable for such purpose.

6-103. BURNING MATERIALS IN srREETS. -It shall be unlawful for any
person, firm or corporation to burn or cause to be burned any waste paper
or combustible material sought to be destroyed on any improved street in
the City of Linton, and it shall be unlawful for said materials to be
burned unless confined in some brick, metallic or other noncombustible
container, so that the same while burning Shall be prevented from spreading
or blowing away, or being carried by the wind to other premises.

6-104. CURFEW -CHILDREN. -It is hereby made unlawful for any personunder the age of sixteen (16) years to be or remain upon the streets. alleys,
or public places in the City of Linton, at night after the hour of nine
o'clock P.M. from March 1st. to August 31st. inclusive. of eacb year; and
from September 1st to the last day of February, inclusive of each
year; after the hour of eight o'clock P.M. unless such person is accompanied
by a parent, guardian, or other person having the legal custody of such
minor person, or is in performance of an errand or duty directed by such
parent, guardian. or otber person having the care and custody of sucb minor
person, or whose employment makes it necessary to be upon said streets,
alleys, or public p~ces during the night time after said specified hours.


6-105. ---PARENr OR GUARDIAN. _ It Is hereby made unlawful for any

parent, guardian, or other person having the legal care and custody of

any person under the age of sixteen (16) years, to allow or permit any
8 uch child, ward. or other person under such age, while in his legal

custody, to go or be in or upon any of the streets, alleys, or public

places in said City within the time prohibited in section 104 of this

chapter, unless there exists a reasonable necessity therefor.

6-106. ---POLICE. -Each member of the pOlice force, while on duty is
authorized to arrest, without warrant, any person. wilfully violating the
provisions of section 104 of this chapter, and retain such person for a
reasonable time in which complaint can be made and a warrant issued and
served. No child, or minor person arrested under the provisions of these
sections shall be placed in confinement until be bas first been taken bome
to ascertain the parents' wisbes, and the parents sball bave refused to
be held responsible for tbe observances of tbe provisions of these sections
J said minor person.

6-107. ---MAYOR. _ It shall be the duty of the Mayor, upon the arrest of
any cbild or minor perlon, where the parents or guardians bave refused to
become responsible for said minor person for violation of tbe provisions
of section 104 of this chapter, to inquire into the facts of said arrest
and the condition and circumstances of sucb cbild or minor person and if
it Ihall appear that the child or minor person, for the want of proper
parental care, is growing up in mendicancy or vagrancy or is incorrigible.
and to cause the proper proceedings to be bad and taken as authorized and
provided by law in such cases.

6-106. EXPLOSIVES _ GUN POWDER. -It shall be unlawful for any person or

persons, to have, keep, or store in his or her house or building or in or

on his or her premises, at anyone time within tbe City, more than twenty

five (25) pounds of gun blasting powder.

And every person keeping to retail. shall keep the same in a tin metalic

canister securely closed and protected.

6-109. ___ LOADED Sl~S. -It shall be unlawful for any person, persons

or corporation to have or keep in his or tbeir possession or on his, its,

or their premises more than twenty-five (25) pounds of loaded shells,

loaded witb any explosive substances or material wit bout and unless tbe

same be kept in an iron safe or box of sufficient tbickness and strength

to prevent an explosion in case of fire at tbe building or place where so


6-110. -DYNAMITE OR NITRO-GLYCERlNE. -It shall be unlawful for any

person, persons or corporations to keep or store or cause to be kept or
stored witbin the City of Linton, any dynamite or nitro-glycerine.

6-111. LOITERING. -It shall be unlawful for my person or persons to be
found loitering, idling, or congregating on the streets, alleys, side walks,
corners of streets, or any otber places in said City.

6-112. ---DISPERSE. -The polic. force of said City sball have the right
to cause any person or persons found loitering, idling, or congregatlDg

in the streets, alleys, sidewalkS, corners of streets or other place in
said City, to disperse or move away.


6-113. ---FAILURE TO DISPERSE. -Any person or perlons who shall violate

section III of this chapter or wbo shall fail or refuse to disperse or

.ave away from any street, alley, .ide walk, corner of street, or any

other place in said City, when ordered so to do by any police officer,

shall. upon conviction, be dee.ed guilty of violating this ohapter.

6-114. OBEY ORDER OF FIRE CHIEF. -It shall be unlawful for any person to

fail or neglect to discharge the duties imposed by this code for the

purposes of fire inspection and prevention or the orders, relating thereto
given by the Chief of the Fire Department on any member detailed by the

6-115. RAILROADS -SPEED OF TRAINS. -It shall be unlawful for any railway
company to run directly or indirectly any looo.ative, car, engine, train,
or rolling stock of any kind or delcription, over it. tracks within the

limits of this City at a greater rate of speed than six (6) miles an hour.

6-116. ---WATER WAYS KEPT UNOBSTROCTED . -It shall be the duty d any

railway company running trains through or into this City to keep within the
City limit., all sewers, tiles, ditche., pipes and waterways along and

under the said track., cleaned and in good condition and opened to and for,

the unobstructed flow of water in and along said water way or water ways.

6-117. UTILITY POLES -PAINTED. -It shall be unlawful for any person to
erect or maintain any telegraph pole, electric ligbt pole, telephone pole,

to maintain any trolley wire for street railway, or any other pole, unless
the same be neatly painted before .0 used.

6-110. ---PROTECTED. -It sball be unlawful for any person to paste, tack,
or in any wise attach to any telegraph pole, telephone pole, electric light
pole, or pole used to maintain trolley wire. for street railways any sign,

bill, poster card or other substance or device to cut or in any way deface
such pole.

6-119. ---DUTY OF POLICE. -It shall be the duty of the Chief of Police
and City Policemen or any of tbem to tear down and remove all card., posters,
and advertisements when be finds them and prosecute any person guilty of
putting them on.

6-120. WAR LOAFER -DEFINED. -For the purpose of this cbapter tbe words
"War Loafer", sball be construed to mean a person, who, while tbe United
States of America is at war with any other Nation, Government or Power, is
not engaged continuously in a lawful employment, or who spends tbe day
light hours loitering on the streets, alleys or public places and appears

to have no visible means of support, and who apparently does not perform
manual labor sufficient that the remuneration therefor would equal the
probable cost of tbe food consumed by said person.


6-121 . ---PERSONS INCLUDED -EXCEPTION. -Whoever being more than eighteen

(18) and not more than sixty (60) years of age, and physically fit to perform
manual labor, is found within tbe corporate limits of the City of Linton,
Greene County, Indiana, while the United States of America, is engaged in
war with any nation or power, without visible means of support, and is not
continuously employed in a lawful occupation, business, trade, calling or
profession, and wbo in the six (6) montbs last past has made no reasonable
effort to procure employment, or who bas refused to labor for compensation
where employment is offered or who spends a major portion of the daylight
hours on the streets or alleys or tbe public places of the said City, idling,
loitering or gossiping, and who in tbe last preceding six (6) months has not
performed manual labor sufficient that the remuneration therefor has equalled
the probable cost of food consumed by said person sball be deemed guilty of
being a "War Loafer".
Provided that the following persons or classes shall be excluded from the
provisions of this section.
ta) Students or persons fitting themselves in an educational way to engage
in trade or industrial pursuits,
(b) Persons temporarily unemployed by reason of difference with their
(c) Persons engaged in any seasonable business, trade or occupation.
6-122. ___ SUSPENSION OF SENTENCE. -Provided, that, after conviction of
a person of being a "War Loafer" tbe court may use its power, as conferred
in similar cases by statute, to suspend sentence, if upon the representation
of two reputable citizens that they will furnish the defendant with
employment at a reasGRable remuneration, and upon defendants representation
that he will report weekly to the Court as to bis employment I which period
of employment and reporting shall be equal to the term of imprisonment
rendered by the Court and if said defendant sball fail to continue in .aid
employment, or fail to Make report to the Court, he shall be taken in
custody and the original sentence enforced.

6-123. ---PRIMA FACIE EVIDENCE . -Evidence produced that the defendant
appears to be within age limits as fixed in this chapter , that he is seen
frequently on the street, alleys or public places Ivithin the corporate
limits of this City not engaged in any form of employment and seems not
to be continuously engaged in any occupation. trade, or professiDn and
that he Is seeaingly bealthy fit for labor, shall be deemed prima facie
evidence that the defendant is a "War Loafer" Idthin the meaning of this

6-199. PENALTY. -Any person violating any of the provisions of this
chapter Shall, upon conviction, be fined in any sum not less than one
dollar ($1.00) nor more than one hundred dollars ($100.00) together with
the costs of prosecution and to which may be added imprisonment not to
exceed six (6) months.





Sanitary Sewer System.
Plumbing, Sewer Connection -Conformity to Rule~
Plumbing Rules -Appliciability.
Permit Required.

-Before Fixtures Connected.

Statement of Work Done.

House Sewers.

House Drains.

SOil and Waste Pipe Lines.



Openings not in Use.

Fixtures Trapped.


Closets in Outside Vaults.

Obstructing Sewers.

Sewer System -Protected.

Foreign Matter Deposited in Sewer Openings.

Toilet Paper.


7-101. SANITARY SEWER SYSfEM. -The sanitary system of tbe City d. Linton
Indiana, shall consist of:
Main and lateral conduits of salt-glazed, vitrified earthenware or brick
with necessary accessories, They are designed to carry off all liquid
bouse wastes, and are known berein as sanitary sewers. Tbe sewers leading
from tbe main or lateral sewers to tbe property on either side are called
house sewers. Porous drains laid for removing subsurface water are called
subsoil drains.

1-102. PLOMHl'«l, SEWER CONr£CTIONS -CONFORMITY TO RULES. -All connections
of private sewers. house sewers, drain or plumbing work with the sewer
system of the City of Linton shall be made in accordance with these rules
and regulations.

1-103. PLOtlllIl'«l RULES -APPLICIABILITY. -The rules for plumber. apply
to all extensions, alterations, or other work done in connection with
plumbing or bouse drains in old buildings as in new buildings, except
minor repairs. By ainor repair are meant repair for leaks in pipes, traps,
etc., opening waste pipes traps or drains or supply pipes, and repairing
or replacing damaged or defective fixtures, pipes etc., or repair of any
like nature but does not include cases where new soil or waste pipe lines
are run.
The regulations established a standard of general excellence to which all
plumbers must confora. The standard tbus fixed is the lowest that will be
tolerated, or that the public safety will permit. It is not the highest
standard attainable. The plumbers should carefully consider the arrangeaents
in every case, and should aim to supply the most perfect system of drainageand water supply that he can devise. He should limit himself to the
specific requirements of the law. but should do as much better as possible.


Provided, however that the above section shall not refer to the construction
of water closets in outside closets, which are governed by section 118 of
this chapter,

1-104. PERMIT REQUIRED. -Any person who shall work or attelDpt to work

upon the sewer syst~ of the City of Linton or make any connection there

with,or do any plumbing work connected with the sewer system, before he

shall have first obtained a permit to do said work as prescribed by this

code, unless such person is in the employ of some otber perlon or firm

having such license shall be deemed guilty of violating this chapter.

1-105. INSPECTION. -The City Plumbing Inspector or someone selected by

the City Council is to be given notice when any work is ready for examina

tion and all work must be left uncovered and convenient for examination

until it is inspected and approved. Each inspection shall be made within

twenty-four hours after such notification or as soon as practicable


1-106. ---FEE. -A plumbing inspection fee of fifty cents (50~) per

fixture sball be paid by the plumber installing the sink to the City
Clerk for a permit, payable at the time of Application.

1-101. ---TEsr. -The plumber sball apply either the peppermint, water,
or smoke test as directed by the inspector in tbe presence of the Inspector
and shall remove all repair when defective material or labor when so ordered
by the City Plumbing Inspector and the work re-tested.

1-108. _ BEFORE FIXTURES CONN&:TED. -Before the fixtures are placed in
connection with tbe plumbing of any house or building and before the house
drain and all openings of soil waste and vent pipes below the top shall be
haremetically sealed, the entire system must be filled with water to the
top and all joints, fittings, and pipes carefully examined for leaks; work
already in place may be examined by smoke or other test. Defective pipes
or fittings discovered must be removed and replaced witb sound ones and all
defective joints made tight, and every part of the work made to conform to
tbese rules and regulations and subject to the approval of the City
Plumbing Inspector. If the sailor waste pipes are placed in a buIlding
for further use the necessary waste and vent pipes must also be put in and
the Iyork tested and inspected as if for illlll8diate use.

1-109. SIATEMENT OF OK DONE. -The plumbers shall, on completion of the
work, file in tbe office of the City Clerk, on blanks furnished for the
purpose, a correct statement of the work done under permit, giving date
when such work was completed and giving name and location of owner. This
shall be done in every case where any change is made in connection witb
the City Sewer••

1-110, HOUSE SEWERS. -The house sewers from a point four feet outside the
house to the street sewer, shall be of first quality, salt-glazed earthen
pipe, cement joined and laid not less than twenty-four inches deep. The
interior diameter shall not be less than four inches and laid on an even
grade of not less than one-eighth to the foot unless by special permission
of the City. Curved pipe shall be used for every deflection from a straight

line of more than six inches in two feet. The earthenware pipe shall be
made with mortar composed of pure cement of first quality mixed witn equal
quality of building sand, and a swab of proper size shall be passed through
tbe entire length of the pipe cemented. The cover of the Y branch of the
main sewer shall be carefully removed, so as not to injure the socket.
The ends of all private sewers not immediately connected with the plumbing
fixtures shall be securely closed by water-tigbt, imperishable material.
Where house sewer is laid less than t\;enty-four inches deep or where laid
in made or filled earth it sball be standard cast-iron soil pipe the same
size earthen pipe; the joints shall be made as for house drain and soil
Wilere house, or private sewer passes witbin ten feet of any well, it sball
be of standard cast-iron soil pipe as above. The entire plumbing system
and drainage system of every building must be entirely separate and
independent of that of any otber building.
Every building must have its sewer connections directly in front of the
building or premises unless permission is otherwise granted by the City.
Where. there is not a sewer in the street or alley and it is possible to
construct, a private sewer may be constructed.
It must be laid outside the curb, under the roadway of tbe street and
constructed under the direction of the Common Council of the City of Linton,
or the City Plumbjng Inspector.

7-111. noUSE DRAINS. -The house drain and its branches must be of standard
cast-iron soil pipe in building of tilree stories and less.
In building of more than three stories, extra heavy cast-iron soil pipe
must be used.
The house drain must properly connect with the house sewer at a point four
feet outside the area of the wall of the building. An arched or other
proper openings must be provided for the drain in tbe wall where drain
passes through solid walls, to prevent damage by settlement. The ilous e
drain and sewer must run as direct as possible, with a fall of at lealt
one-quarter of an inch per foot, all changes in direction made with proper
fittings and all connections made with Y branch and one-sixteenth bends.
It poss ible tile ilouse drain must be above any cellar floor, the house drain
must be supported at intervals of ten feet by eight inch brick or stone
piers, or supported by heavy iron pipe hangers at intervals of not more than
ten feet. The use of pipe hooks for supporting drain is prohibited.
Where drain is on or in the grounds supports may be omitted except at base
of vertical soil pipe connection which must have a substantial support.
The joints of the house drain must be made same a6 for soil pipe, Full
size Y or T branoh fittings for hand holes, clean outs, etc., must be
provided where required on house drain and its branches.

7-112. SOIL AND WASTE PIPE LINES. -All main soil or waste pipes must be
of cast-iron, lead, brass or wrought iron, with drum fittings.
All vent lines must be of cast-iron, wrought iron, steel, or brass. All
materials must be of the best quality, free from defects, and all work must
be executed in a thorough and workman like manner. All cast-iron pipes
and fittings must be sound, cylinderical and smooth, free from cracks, and
sand holes, and other defects, and of uniform thickness and of the grade
known in commerce as standard. In all buildisg5 more than three stories
high, all cast-iron pipe and fittings used for soil or waste must be of
tbe grade known in commerce as extra heavy except from highest fixture
up through the roof, and all vent pipes, which may be standard.
All joints in cast-iron must be made with picked oakum and molten lead
and must be made gas tight, At least twelve ounces of fine soft lead
must be used at each joint for each inch in diameter of the pipe. All
wrought-iron ends steel must be equal in quality to "standard".


Fittings for vent pipes or wrougbt-iron pipes may be tbe ordinary cast of
maleable steam or water fittings.
All joints to be screwed joints must be made up with rei lead or some suitable
compound, and the burr formed in cutting must be carefully reamed out.
All brass pipe or soil, waste and vent pipes must be tbouroughly annealed,
seamless, drawn brass tubing.
All solder nipples and brass ferrules must be of cast or wrought brass.
Threaded connections on brass pipes and nipples must be of tbe same size
of the pipe to be taped.
Connections between brass pipe or traps and leael must be wiped solder
Slip joints will only be permitted on exposed traps and connections that
are visible at all times and easily gotten to. Brass screw caps for clean
outs must be heavy and have an engaging part of not less than three threads
of iron pipe size and tapered and closed with a gasket gas tigbt.

Clean outs must be of the same size as the trap or pipe up to four inches,
and not smaller than four inches for larger traps or pipe.
The use of lead pipe is restricted to the short branches of the soil, waste
and vent pipes, bends, traps, ferrules, roof flanges and flush pipes.
All lead, waste, soil, vent and flush pipes must be of the best quality
of drawn pipe and not less than the follolving weights per foot.

114 inches (for flush pipes only) 2 Ibs.
~ inches ~ lbs.
l~ inches ~ lbs.
2 inches 4 Ibs.
3 inches 5 pounds.
4 inches 5 pounds.

All leads, traps and ferrules must be of the same lveight and thickness
as their corresponding pipe branches. S1leet lead for roof flashings
must be not lighter than four pounds lead and must extend not less than
six incbes away from the pipe and the joint made water tight. All soil
waste, or vent pipes must extend a full caliber at least one foot above
the roof and well away from all shafts, windows or other ventilating
No caps, cOlvles or bends shall be affixed to tile top of such pipe.
All pipes issuing from extension or elsewhere, which would otherwise
open within twenty feet of the window of any building, must be extended
above the highest roof and all away from all windows.
The arrangement of all pipe lines must be as straight and direct as
Off sets will be permitted only when unavoidable. All pipe lines must
be supported at the base on brick piers, or by heavy iron hangers from
the floor beams or joists and along the line by heavy iron hangers at
intervals of not more than ten feet.
The sizes of all soil and waste pipes must not be less than the following
dimensions: Main soil pipe, four inches; waste pipe, two inches; branch
soil pipe, four inches; branch waste pipe for laundry tubS, l~ inches;
branch waste pipe for kitchen Sinks, l~ inches; branch waste pipe for
bath tubS, l~ inches; branch waste pipe for urinals, l~ inches; branch
waste pipes for slop sinks, three incbes; branch waste pipes for
lavatories, l~ inches.
All pipes and traps where practicable should be exposed to view.

They should always be accessible for inspection and repairing.
Branch, soil and waste pipes have a fall of at least 1/4 inch per foot.


No trap or any manner of obstruction to the free flow or air through the

) whole course of the main soil or waste pipe and their branches will be
allowed. This may be secured by an untrapped Main house sewer and soil
pipe or if a trap is placed in the main house drain, a ventilating pipe
leading to the roof from the lower side of the trap and a fresh air inlet
connecting with the roof of the main house drain just above the trap.
All traps must be protected from syphonage and back pressure and the
drainage system ventilated by special lines of vent pipes. Where syphon
action closets are used and the closet is placed within thirty inches
from the main soil pipe and empty into it more than twelve inches below
the floor line the vent pipe may be omitted except where two or more
closets are placed one over the other on the same vertical pipe. In such
cases the back vent shall be taken from near the top of the lead ferrule
under the floor on all closets except those on the top floor. The vent
pipe may be omitted where any drum of P trap runs horizontally i~to the
main solI or waste pipe the fixture being not more than thirty inches from
the solI or waste pipe except where two or more fixtures discharge into
the same pipe above it. Trap vents must not connect less than one foot
above the top of such trap. All connections to vent pipes must be made
with lead pipe and solder nipples or lead or brass ferrules or with brass
union. Unions will only be permitted where they are accessible to repairs.
Each vent shall have a trap screw siped into it not more than six inches
above the connection with the trap and where easily accessible to for
cleaning out purposes. The trap screw may be dispensed with if the back
vent is connected with a brass union.
All vent connections with lead pipe must have wiped soldered joints.
All vent connection pipe lines must extend one foot above the roof and be
flashed with lead flashing or they may be connected with the adjoining soil
or waste pipe well above the highe.t fixture.
Branch vent pipes must be kept above the connecting fixtures to prevent
the use of vent pipes as soil or waste pipes. Branch vent pipes should be
connected as near the orown of the trap as possible.
The size of vent pipes throughout must not be les5 than the following
diameters: Main vents and long branohes 2 incbes; for water closets and
slop hoppers l~ inches for hotel or re.taurant sinks, l~ inches; for other
fixtures, l~ inches, except where the vertical vent pipe is more than
twenty feet long, when they shall be for water closets, 2 inches and for
other fixtures, l~ inches.
All vent pipes running horizontal must have a continuous slope to avoid
collecting water condensation.
No sheet metal, brick or other flue will be permitted as a vent pipe.

7-113. SAFES. -Every lead pipe, if under a wash tray, urinal, re,rigerator
or water closet must not be connected directly with the sewer system but
may be drained by a special pipe to wast~ outside or it may waste into a
regularly used sink or slop hopper that is supplied with a water trap.

7_114. OVERFLOWS. -Overflows from fixtures must, in all cases, be
connected with the inlet side of the trap. No sediment from any range
boiler or waste tubes shall be connected directly with any soil or waste
pipe. Rain water pipes conducting water from roofs may be connected with
the sewer upon permission from the Common Councilor City Plumbing Inspector.


7-115. OPENINGS NOT IN USE. -All openings not in use must be closed by the
screw plugs, soldered, or caulked joints, according to the nature of the pipe.

7-116. FIXTURES TRAPPED. -Every fixture must be separately trepped by
water sealing trap placed as close to the fixture outlet as possible. A
set of wash trays, laundry tubs, or lavatories may connect with a single
trap if not more than ten inches fro. the trap. Where a drum trap is
used two fixtures may be connected to the same trap, but in no case will
a bath tub or lavatory be connected with a water closet or urinal trap.
Water closets in all cases must be separately trapped. All sinks in
packing houses, butcher shops, lard rendering establi.haents, hotels, and
boarding houses must be provided with suitable grease traps.
Greale trap. must be constructed of cement, earthenware or brick, not less
then eighteen inches in diameter, when placed outside the building. When
placed under the traps, grease traps must be constructed of cast-iron lead
or brass, witb an air tight screw cover not less tban four inches in
diameter for cleaning. All grease traps must be approved by the City
Traps for bath tubs or fixtures of like nature where traps is placed under
the floor, lead or brass drum traps provided with screw covers for cleaning,
flush witb tbe floor.
Other fixtures may use the ordinary S or P traps constructed of lead, brass
or cast-iron.
All traps must be approved by tbe City Engineer. Tbe discharge from any
fixture must not pass through more than one trap before reaching the house
All traps must be well supported and set true with respect to their water
All traps must have a water seal of at least three-quarter inch.
Traps or floor clo.ets, except where the trap is made in the stool must
not be less than four inches in diameter; traps for slop sinks must not
be less than two inches in diameter; traps for other fixtures must not be
less than their waste pipes.

7-117. FIXTURES. -Water closets must be of an approved pattern, pan,
valves plunger, and other water closet& having an unventilated space or
whose walls are not thoroughly washed at each discharge will not be
All water closets must have flushing rim bowls.
Long hopper closet will be permitted only when there is an exposure to
Where closets or other fixtures are of iron they must be or porcelain lined.
Each water closet mu.t be supplied with water fro. separate septical tank
placed over them. Tbe waste or overflow pipe from the tank must discharge
into the open air of the closet bowl. Direct connection to the water
service of a water closet is prohibited. All interior water closet apartments
should be ventilated into air shafts or have an outside window where
possible. Iron trougbs or urinals must be enameled or galvanized. Exit
pipes to all fixtures except to water closets shall be furnished with
suitable permanently attached strainers. No open gutters, cess pools or
privy vaults shall be connected to the sewer system.

7-110. CLOSETS IN OUTSIDE VAULTS. -The rules and regulations contained
in this chapter in regard to plumbers, plumbing. and connections sball
apply to the construction and connection of clos.ts In outside vaults except
that any person who shall furniSh a bond in the Bum of five bundred dollars
($500.00) with the lame conditions as stated in the License and permit title

of this code, whether such person be a regular plumber or not.


All closets and vaults in outside closets shall be made of concrete, brick,
or masonary, to be water and gas tight, with sloping bottom and connected
with not less than six inch sewer pipe; a water trap sball be placed
inside the property line, between vault and main sewer; also a meer Hoof
valve or one equally a& good shall be placed on bottom of vault, to protect
the sewer system from debris.
Drain. from roofs, kitchen sink or bath room may be connected and empty
into the vault, provided, the kitcben drain be properly screened! all work
done in connection with outside vaults as above described to be subject
to inspection of the City Plumbing Inspector or a person appointed by the
Common Council and aust be approved by him before work is covered up.

7-119. OBSTRUCTING SEWERS. _ It shall be unlawful for any person or persons
to place or suffer to be placed, any bulky substance in any sewer opening,
or in the house connections or private drain connecting with any public or
main lateral sewer, or any substance having a tendency to obstruct the
free flow of said sewer or damage them in any way.

7-120. SEWER SYSTEM -PROTECTED. -It shall be unlawful for any person,
firm, or corporation to injure, break, or remove any portion of a man hole,
lamphole, flush tank, or any part of the sewer system.

for any person to throw or deposit in any sewer opening or receptacle
connecting with tbe sewer system, any coffee grounds, garbage, offal. dead
animals, vegetable parings, corn cobs. ashes, cinders, rags, or any other
material or things whatsoever, except faeces, urine, and the necessary
toilet paper and liquid house waste.

7-122. TOILET PAPER. -Tbe use of any paper or substance other than toilet
paper that is suitable for passage through the sanitary sewer. is prohibited.

7-199. PENALTIES. -Every person who sball omit or refuse to comply witb,
or who ~ lfully violates any section of this chapter shall be deemed guilty
of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be fined not less than five
dollars ($5.00) nor more than one hundred dollars ($100.00) for each offense.
Any plumber licensed under and by virtue of this code who shall violate any
of the rules and regulations contained in this ohapter shall be deeme4
guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction Shall be fined not less than
ten dollars ($10.00) nor more than one hundred dollars ($100.00) for each
offense. In addition to a criminal prosecution for violation of said
rules and regulations, the Common Council may hear evidence of said violation
of these rules and regulations and if said Common Council B satisfied
that any plumber is guilty of violating the same. the Common Council,
may by a majority vote, revoke the license of any person or firm thus
Any plumber working or attempting to work on th~ sewer system, of the City
of Linton, or any plumbing connected with the said sewer system, after his
license bad been revoked, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and
upon conv1t1," shall be fined in any sum not less than five dollars ($5.00)
nor more than one bundred dollars ($100.00) for each day he works or attempts
t·o work upon the same.


corporation shall place or pile any goods, boxes, or other material, or
permit the same to be placed or piled, or display any goods, wares or
merchandiae, on any street, alley, sidewalk, or public place in the said
City of Lint on.

8-107. TREES EXTENDING ovm PUBLIC PLACES. -No parson, firm or corporation
shall permit or allow any limb on any tree on any property belonging to or
owned by them or occupied by them, which said tree or trees extend over or
upon any such said street, alley, sidewalk, or other public places in the
said City at a distanoe less t han seven f eet in height over said street,
alley, sidewalk, or other public place.

S-199. P~ALTY. -Any person, firm or corporation violating any of the
terms of t he provisions or conditions of this chapter shall upon conviction
be fined for each violation thereof in any sum not less than five dollars
($5.00) nor more than one hundred dollars ($100.00) '"ith the cost of
prosecution added t hereto.






Bicyoles or Motor Cycles -Riding on Sidewalks.

-Speed Limit.
Interference with Fire Truck.

Par king Nanner.

Under Control of Police -Turning.

Pedestrian Crossing Streets.

Preferential Streets.

stop Signs.



lawful for any person or persons to ride any bicycle or motor cycle along

or upon any sidm·ralk within the corporate limits of this City; provided

that nothing in this chapter shall be constructed to prohibit any person

from crossing a sidewalk with his bicycle or motor cycle when going to and

from his dwelling house, or place of business; nor shall it apply to the

necessary crossing of sidewalk at street crossing.

9-102. --SPEED LllUT. -It shall be unlawful for anyone to ride a
bicycle or motor cycle on any street, or highway within this city at greater
rate of speed than ten miles per hour.

9-103. l}JTERFElillJCE ;O/rrH FIRE TRUCK. -It shall be unlawful for any person
to in any manner interfere with or obstruct the passage of any fire wagon
or motor-truck used by the Fire Department of the City of Linton, on its
way to and from fires.

9-104. PARKING HA1:Nffi. -All automobiles, motor-trucks, motor-cycles, or
motor-driven vehicles, and all animal-drawn vehicles, if stopped or parked
on any street in said City shall be stopped or parked on the side of the

street to the right of the vehicle, determined by the direction in which

said vehicls is
headed. .

9-105. UNDER CONTROL OF POLICE -TURNING. -All automobiles, motor-trucks,
motor-driven vehicles and all animal drawn vehicles when crossing a street

shall be under the direction and control, of the City Police and shall obey
their reasonable orders and commands, and shall when turning a corner in
said City, drive to the right of the center of t he intersection of the

streets at the
comer said turn is to be made.

9-106. PEDISTRIAN CROSSING STREEl' . -No pedestrian shall cross any street
and any street crossing vmile any policeman is in charge of said street
crossing except by going straight across and no pedestrian shall cross a
street crossing at said times by crossing diagonally from corner to corner.

9-107. PREFffiENTIAL STRiEl'S. -l-lain street, "A" street Northeast and

Vincennes Street in their entirety, are hereby designated as through or
preferential streets and it shall be unlawful for any person to operate,
drive or propel any vehicle onto any of said streets from any direction
without first coming to a full stop immediately prior to such entry onto

said street.

9-108. STOP SIGNS. -It shall be unlawful for any person to enter any
street ..mere a stop sign has been located without obeying eaid sign.

9-199. PiliALTY. -Any person violating any of the provisions of this

chapter shall upon conviction, be fined in any sum not les5 than one
dollar ($1.00) nor more than one hundred dollars ( ;~lOO.OO) together with
the cost of prosecution.






Limitations of Code.
Severability of Code.
Time of Taking dfect.
Pending Litigation.
Specific :(epealer.
General Repealer.

9')-101. LlNITATIONS OF CODE. -Jlothing in the Linton Code of 1940 shall be

construed to effect any existing contract, franchise or appropriation

ordinance, or any matter not expressly uentioned in this Code.

99-102. SEVERABILITY OF COOK. If any provision, section, chapter, or
part of this Code shall be held void or unconstitutional, it is the intent

of the Common Council that all the remaining provisions, sections, ~apters,

and all the other parts of this Code which are not expressly held to be
void and unconstitutional shall be valid and shall continue in full force

and effect.

99-103 . TIMK ar TAKING iFF£CT. -The provisions of this Code shall be in
full force and effect after the day of , 1940.
Until the provisions of this Code shall take effect, the existing ordinances
of the City of Linton, Indiana, shall remain in full force and effect.

9')-104. PtIJDn;a LTI'IGATION. -Any litigation pending at the time of the
taking effect of this Code shall not be effected by this Code but such
litigation shall proceed as though this Code had not been passed.

99-105. SPECIFIC REPEhLER. -The following ordinances are hereby specifically

Ordinance, Vol 4, P. 69, 1922; Ordinance, No.1, 1900;
Ordinance, 1;0. 202, 1934; Ordinance, No. 16, 1900 I
Ordinance, 1;0. 197, 1933; Ordinance, No. 102, 1914;
Ordinance, No. 108, 1915; Ordinanoe, Vol. 3, p. 487, 1920;
Ordinance, No. 73, 1911; . Ordinance, 1:0. 175, 1926;
Ordinance, Vol. 3, p. 481, 1920; Ordinance, No. 227, 1935;
Ordinance, No. 171, 1925; Ordinance, No. 226, 1933;
Ordinance, No. 242, 1938; Ordinance, Vol. 3, p. 436, 1919)
ordinance, Vol. 3, p. 477, 1920, Ordinance, No. li8, 1916;
Ordinance, No. 229, 1935; Ordinance, No. 76, 1912;
Ordinance, No. 38; 1908; Ordinance, No.1" 1906;
Ordinance, Ho. 9', 1914; Ordinance, No. 28, 1901;
Ordinance, No. 34, 1908; Ordinance, Vol. 3, p. 577, 1921;
Ordinance, Vol. 3, p. 429, 1919; Ordinance, No. 99, 1914;

Ordinance, No. 29, 1908) Ordinance, No. 33, 1908,
Ordinance, IJo. 228, 1936; Ordinance, No. 30, 1908,

o Ordinance, 110. 178; 1926; Ordinance, No. 85, 1912;


Ordinance, No. lBO, 1927; Ordinance, 1<0. 11l9 , 1930;
Ordinance, No. 194, 1933) Ordinance, No. 239, 1937;
Ordinance, No. 105 , 1907; Ordinance, Vol. h, p. 32, 1921s
Ordinanoe, No. 221, 1935; Ordinance, No. 219, 1935;
Ordinance, Vol. 3, p.423, . 1919; Ordinance, No . 210, 1934;
Ordinance, Vol. 3, p. 421, 1919; Ordinance, No. 26, 1908;
Ordinanoe, No. 23, 1908; Ordinance, No. 32, 1908)
Ordinance, No. 21, 190B; Ordinanco, No. 9, 1900;
Ordinance, Vol. 3, p. 348, 191B; Ordinance, No. 19, 1908;
Ordinance, No. 18, 1908) Ordinance, No. 17, 1908 ;
Ordinance, No. 20, 1908; Ordinance, 110. 27, 1908;
Ordinance, No. llO, 1915; Ordinance, No. 78, 1912;
Ordinance, No. 109, 1915 j Ordinance, No . 22, 1904;

99-106. GENERAL REPF..ALER. -All ordina.'1ces or parts of ordinances in

conflict l11th the Linton Code of 1940 are hereby repealed.




City Clerk-Treasurer

Approved by the }Iayor on the ___ day of _______---', 1940.


Passed by the Common Council of the City of Linton, Indiana, on the -:--_
day of , 1940 and presented to the l-layor for his approval
or rejeotion and approved by the Hayor on the day of ___

City Clerk-Treasurer




Hitching to Fountain



HOlls (See Hogs)
speed Limit --------------.----------------2-102

Fee -----------------------------


License ----------------------------


ASHES -------------------


Fee -------------------.---.---------


License ---------------------

AWNltfiS ---------------------8-105


Fee -------

License --------. ------------5-121


House Movinll ------------------Itinerant
Merchant and Solicitor ----5-104

Plumbers -----------------

Superintendent of Electric Light Works 1-220

Fee _________ -------------5-122
License ---------5-121
BUIUlItfi INSPECTOR --------------------1-201
Approval or Disapproval ---------------1-209

Dangerous BuUdinqs -------_______ 1-207
Duty -----------------------1-204

Enforcement ---------------______________ 1-210
Inspection ------1-203, 1-206
Plans and SpecificatioDs of Buildings _______ 1-206
Powers ------------------------1-205
Records --------------------1-202
Appendages ----------------------------3-108

Chimneys, Flues --------.---___________ 3-110
Conf01'lllity to Code ------.----------3-101

Cornices ----------.----------_________ 3-109
Danllerous 1-207
EXterior walls 3-100

Fire Enape, ___________________-----------_.-----------------_

Fire Lillits 3-102
Fralllll DwelUn1l1 3-104

Inspection ---________________

1-200, 1-206
Material on Streets 8-102
Moving (See House Moving)



Limit ---------.------------

Revocation 5-138
Plans and Specification 1-206
Roofs 3-105




-_________________ 3-106
Temporary Sbeds ____________________ 3-107

BtJRNltl; RlJlBISH --------6--102
On Streets 6--103


Fees ------------------------------


License -------,-----------.---,

CHIMNEY (See Buildings)

RellOval _______________________ 1-226

Adjournment Durillg Trial 1-233

Charges ____________ -----1-226
Reference to Committee 1-227
Committee Report ----1-228
General Provisions __ 1-232
Notice _ ----1-229
Trial 1-236
Vote of Council _ 1-232


Fee -----,--------------------5--122

License 5--121
Absence of Members ---,-----1-125
Committees ----------------------, 1-118

Accounts and ClaillS --_______,

Finance ----------1-119

Printing and Stationary -------1-121

Length of Speecbes __ ----______,

Meetings -------1-101

Made Seconded ---,------, 1-106
To Reconsider -------1-109

When Question under Debate -____, 1-108
Written ------,-----1-107
Motives of Members -----,-------------,-1403
Non-Member Addresses -1-113
Order of Business -______ 1-124

Organization -----__________.___, 1-123
Presiding Officer -----1-102
Reading Ordinances -------_ ---,-----1--111
Reading Papers ------,-----------1-110

Record of Proceedings ----.--______________

Remarks During Roll Call 1-117


Removal of City Officers 1-226

Rules in General ----------------,--__



Suspended -___'________________


Sargent at Arms --___________._____


Transgression of Rules ---------_._-1-104

Voting -____.



Small Pox 4-106


COOrcILMANIC DISl'RICTS ---------1-126


Mayor ----------------------

Parent or Guardian of Children

Police --------___ ,____


Hydrophobia ----------2-103
Duty to Kill ,---------------2-104

Fee 5-122
Ucense 5-121

DYNAMITE (See Explosives)

Rates and Charges ---,-----------1-

Superintendant -------, --------1-219




Duties ---------,---------ElI:
REmNl', HUMAN -""""""------------. 4-107



Dynamite -----------------__ 6-110
Gun Powder 6-106

Loaded Shells ,------------6-109

Nitro-Glycerine --------,-_._----6-110



Chief ---------------------1-213
Orders -------. ,-------__ 1-214, 6-114

Public Halls -______

FIRE ESCAPES (See Buildings)
FIRE INSPECTOR (See Fire Department, Fire Chief)
FIRE LIMITS -----------------_______ 3-102

Interference --_____


FOWLS (See Poultry)



Collectors -,-___________________

Receptacles 4-102
Yetor Deposit -----___ 1-304


Rates ,-------------,-----1-302

Unpaid Bills, Penalty _____________

Displayed in Public Places ----------8-
Fee 5-122
Ucense ---'---5-121


GUNPO\lDER (See Explosives)


Fee -----------,---.---.


License -------,---------

HEALTH Contagious Diseases --,-----------1-

Disonitary Conditions --------1-216
Nuisance ---1-
Polioe Aid -----,-----------1-218


HOGS ----------------




Bond -,-----

Perllit -

HOUSE SE\'£RS 7-110

HUMAN El«:REI£Nr ------------RYDROPflOaIA
(See Dogs)

Fee -----.---------License


Fee ---------,----,



Bond --

Definition ---,____ 5-102
Fee --_ ------__________

License -______ ---------5-101
Order in Writing 5-106

ITINERANr PHYSICIAN -_______,___,-___

Fee -----5-106




Definition 5-110
Fees -,--------5-111
License ---' 5-109


Records ,-__________________

Examined 5-114

Unlawful Purchases -------_________



-_____ 5-122

License ----------------


Fee ---------------------------5-1~

License -----,-------___ 5-121
Animal Show --------5-121
Auctioneer ----------____,____ 5-121
Billiard Table -----------------5..121


UCENSES (cont.)
Bowling Alley --5-121

Cane Rack _______._______,___ 5-121

Circus -------------------5-121

Doll Rack _________________________
Exhibit of Curiousities, Science, Art Nature or Skill ---5-121

Graphophone ___________________ 5-121

Hawker __________________ 5-121

Hypnotism 5-121
Itinerant Dentist --5-107
Itinerant Mercbant -__--5-101
Itinerant Physician ----------------5-107

Itinerant Vendor of Medioine 5-107
Junk Dealer 5-109
Knife Rack 5-121
Lecture 5-121
Legerdemain 5-121
Magician _ ---5-121
M&nagerie _ ---5-121
Minature Golf Course 5-116
Miscellaneous Licenses 5-121
Musical Entertain.ent 5-121
Open Air Theatar 5-123
Peddlers 5-133
Phonograph 5-121
Plumbers 5-125
Pool Tables 5-121
Salesman at Public OUtcry 5-121
Shooting Gallery 5-121
Side Show 5-121
Street Fakir 5-121
Tent Show 5-121
Theatrical Performance 5-121
Transient Photographer -5-130
Ventriloquist -

ZOnephone __________________ 5-121

LOADI!D BLLS (See Exp1ol1ves)
LOITEIUM; <>-111
Dispersing 6-112
Failure to Di.perse <>-113

Curfew -------------------------


Fee 5-122
License 5-121

Fee 5-122
License 5-121


I£RCHANl' POUCE (See Police)


Hours 5-120

License ________________________ 5-116

Fee 5-116
Payment ---------,------5-117, 5-119
People Congregating 5-120
Starting Golf Course 5-116






Fees ---------------------------------.----

Fee 5-122
License ----5-121


NITR()..GLYCERlNE (See Explosives)


Sewers _________________________ 7-119

SIdewalks 8-104
OFFICERS, OF CITY (See City Officers)
Fee 5-1~
License 5-123
ORDINANCES (See Common Council)

PARKIM> 9-104

Duties --------------.---

Election ______________________________,_ 1-222



Powers ------------------,-----------

Definition 5-134

License -----_._---------5-133

Fee 5-135
Issuance 5-136


Building 5-137
House Moving -------------.----5-
Plumbing and Sewer Connections 5-143
Street Excavations ---------------.------5-149
Trenches -----------, 5-148

Fee -----------------------------

License 5-122

Bond ---------------.-----------.----


Renewal ---------------------

General Provisions 5-129
License 5-125

Fees ---------------------------


Petition ------------.---------PWt.
Fee 1-106

Inspection -----------.---------7-105
Tests 1-101



Time ----------,

Conformity to Rules ------, 7-102

Pel"1llit -7-103, 7-104

Application -----5-144

Experienoed Plumber 5-146

Plans __________________ 5-145



Closets in Outside Vault. ------------------7-118

Fixtures ------------------------------------------

Fixtures Trapped ------------------7-116
House Drains -------------------7-111

House Sewers --------------------------------

Openings not in Use ------------------------7-115

Overflol1s ------------------------------

Soil and \'/aste Pipe Lines ------------------7-112

Traps ------------------------------------

Depositing Foreign I'[atter -------------7-

Obstruction ------------------------------Protected
Toilet Paper -------------------------------7-122


Fee --------------------------5-
License ------------------------------5-121
Fee -------------------------------

License -----------. 5-121

Obstruction --_._----------------------8-104

Snow, Removal 8-103
SHALL POX -------------------------------4-106



Removing from Sidewalks ----------------------

SOLICITOR (See Itinerant Merchant)
Permit -------------------.--5-149
STAIRS (See Buildings)
SPITTING ------------------.----------4-105

STOP SIGNS -----------STR&.
Fee --------------5-122
License -------------------5-121

Fee ---------------------------

License ---------------------5-121
Open Air (See Open Air Theater)
Fee ----------------------------5-122
License -------------------------


Paper -----------

Sanitary Privies ---------4-108

Construction -----------------------
Delapidated --------------------4-112
Failure to Construct ----------4-111
Order to Construct ----------------4-109
Wat er Flush ------------------------




Bicycle ---------------------------9-101
Fire truck -------------------------9-103
l~otor Cycles ---------------------------9-101

Pedestrians ----------------------------------9-106
Preferential Streets -------------------9-107
stop Signs ---------------:-----------------9-108
Speed Limit -------------------------------------9-102


License -----------------------------5-130
Application ----------------------------5-131
Fee --------------------5-132

TREES ---------------------------8-107

UNSANITARY CONDITIONS (See Health Officer, Sanitary Privies)

Painted -------~--------6-117
Protected --------------------6->118

Duty of Police ----------------------6-119

VAULTS, ABANDONING ------------------4-113

Obstructing streets ---------------VENTR:

Fee --------------5-

License -------------------------------------

WALIB (.lee Buildings)
\iARDS AND COm~CIU1ANIC DISTRICTS --------------1-

Defined ----------------------.--

persons Included -Ex:oeptions -------6-121
Prima Facia Evidence ----------6-123

Suspension of sentence -------------


Fee --------------------------5-122

License ----------------------5-121




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